Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Man Throws Cigarette At CTA Worker, Declares Belmont Red Line Station "Gang Neighborhood" (And Other Weird Stuff)

Robinson (inset) is accused of threatening a CTA worker at the Belmont Red Line station.
A 32-year-old South Chicago man who warned a CTA worker that the Belmont Red Line station is gang territory and threw a lit cigarette into the employee’s booth is in custody.

The transit worker flagged down a passing cop around 7:45 a.m. Saturday and told officers that Jerry Robinson went into the station’s emergency exit and began throwing orange work cones around the mezzanine while announcing that “this is Gangster Disciple neighborhood, m*ther f*cker!”

Before police arrived, the agent retreated to the station’s ticket booth to call 911, but Robinson threw a lit cigarette into the booth, causing the man to fear for his safety.

At that point, Robinson stepped into the middle of Belmont Avenue, dropped his pants and began urinating while inviting the agent to “s*ck my m*therfucking d*ck.”

Robinson was still blocking Belmont Avenue when police arrived, officers said. He’s charged with aggravated batter of a transit employee and urinating on the public way. His bail is set at $10,000.

In 2012, Robinson pleaded guilty to committing a robbery just steps from the Belmont station. He received a sentence of six months in jail, according to court records.

Drone Struck

Lake Point Tower | Wikicommons
Over the weekend, an Israeli tourist was arrested and charged with flying a camera-equipped drone outside of a Streeterville woman’s 42nd-floor window.

The 52-year-old woman called police after she saw the $1,000 drone hovering outside of her apartment for nearly 20 minutes at Lake Point Tower, 505 North Lake Shore Drive. She took several photos of the drone which was “five feet or less away from her window,” according to police.

Before police arrived, the building’s doorman took possession of the drone after seeing it land on the complex’s third floor, cops said.

As officers arrived around 12:30 p.m., Amit Kleiman approached the building employees and said, “I believe you have my drone,” according to court records.

After confirming that Kleiman did not have a drone operation permit, police arrested him on charges of criminal trespass to land, reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, and operating a small unmanned aircraft.

Well, Liquor

A 60-year-old Englewood man is charged with throwing a cinderblock through a Wrigleyville bar’s storage closet window to steal three bottles of gin, according to court records.

Cops say they saw a Wrigleyville Taco Bell security guard chasing Randy Harris down Clark Street early on August 30. When they caught up with the duo, the guard had apprehended Harris for tossing the cement block through the Cubby Bear’s rear window, police said.

Harris was still holding two bottles of Aristocrat and one bottle of Barton gin, police say.

He’s charged with burglary and is being held in lieu of $40,000 bail.

15 Minutes Of Fame

Smith | Chicago Police Dept
Up in the West Ridge neighborhood, cops say they gave 31-year-old Brandon Smith a break last Tuesday afternoon and let him go with a warning about his loud muffler.

Fifteen minutes later, the same cops allegedly saw the 31-year-old Oswego resident pull an illegal lane change, so they stopped him again.

It turns out Smith had a pretty wild 15 minutes.

As police approached his car, they “immediately noticed” something in his back seat: A large CTA sign reading “Clear Slow Zone” mounted on a steel pole.

On the center console was a metal pipe “commonly used for smoking crack cocaine” and nine jars of “green leafy material” were scattered about, police said.

Once he was taken into custody, cops say they found suspect cocaine in the car and three glass vials of liquid cannabis in the trunk.

Smith is charged with possession of a controlled substance; possession of 30-100 grams of cannabis; theft of lost or mislaid property; and traffic citations. His passenger, 59-year-old Christopher Washington of Rogers Park, is charged with possessing less than 15 grams of cocaine.
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  1. damn Robinson you went too far bro, we know its Gangster territory, you didn't have to piss your territory literally.

    1. Oh, so flicking the fucking lit cigarette at the CTA attendant was OK?

    2. Even dogs don't piss where they sleep.

  2. He's right it is gang territory. Sorry folks that's what you get for allowing Rahm and company to run Chicago. Time to rethink your voting patterns. That goes for the legal system votes, a vote for any incumbent judge is a vote for continuing crime. Vote the rats out.

    1. Many gang members have no place in modern society. What else are they going to do? It's societies duty to help those we can and lock away those who are dangers. Our city has done neither adequately and has not for decades.


  3. "Many gang members have no place in modern society. What else are they going to do? It's societies duty to help those we can and lock away those who are dangers. Our city has done neither adequately and has not for decades."

    But why? Why do they have no place in society? It isn't because you or I pay our fair share of taxes to take care of them. Clearly our care does not matter. The only reason we are hearing about any of these problems is because our Murder Mayor has cut the number of police, and when the police are able to lock someone up, the judges just say "next."

    If Rahm hadn't created such a maelstrom of fiscal and societal malfeasance, we wouldn't be where we are with crime on the Northside. So, facts: Rahm quashed a tape in 2014 in order to be re-elected, and in turn, we have all suffered from Police being afraid any and all things involving the possibility of being personally sued for sticking their necks out and actually enforcing the law.

    Can't have it both ways, son.

  4. You are right gang members have no place in modern or any other civilized society. They could try going to school and trying to learn. They could try getting a job, any job where they earn a honest living. Society has supported these poor gang members for years in or out of prison one way or another.

  5. If you look at the drone story there was nothing illegal about him photographing through the window using the done. If this had taken place in one of the many US jurisdictions, covering over 99% of he US territory, which do not require a permit for a drone, and he had not landed the drone on private property (when he went to get it he was exposed to the trespass charge) he would have been doing nothing illgal).

    A lot of people don't know that if you stand on the sidewalk with a video cameras you can point it at someone's window and record all you want. You can do the same with a drone anywhere that the drone is allowed to fly.

    1. If someone stands outside my window with a drone looking in or films inside my window I'm going outside with a baseball bat to teach them a lesson.

      Amit Kleiman you're a disgusting pervert.

    2. Look out, we've got a badass over here.

    3. I wanna know why that "street photographer" sitting in the window of Starbucks always puts his camera down and turns his head whenever he sees me. He thinks being sneaky and invading on people's personal space and privacy is his "right" as well. He loves pushing buttons too.

      His partner in crime on Flickr and him share giggles about how many people they caught picking their nose along the Red Line from Belmont to Addison. They think this is "art". I think he's a pervert. Actually I know he is.

  6. He was urinating in the STREET?

    DOESN'T he know that's what the CTA elevator is for?

  7. That Brandon Smith story was a much needed chuckle after so much shitty news. A pharma on wheels -- daaaamn! lol

  8. The office on Belmont should have called Rahm and said Mr. Robinson wanted to talk about who is boss.

  9. He is 100% correct - East Lakeview is now a gangster disciple neighborhood. We have the crime and the graffiti to prove it.

    1. It was 7 years ago. Decided to take my dog out for a walk on the lakefront at Addison after the holiday weekend trash cleared out a bit. Graffiti everywhere, broken glass everywhere (had to carry my dog), trash, more graffiti. Lived in the area for 2 years prior and never knew it was like that - right there!