Sunday, September 03, 2017

Man Pistol-Whipped, Six Robbed Across Lakeview And North Center Since Saturday Evening

Six more robberies have been reported across Lakeview and North Center since Saturday evening, bringing the total number of muggings this weekend to at least eight, police said. No one is in custody.
Approximate locations of eight robberies reported since Friday evening across our area. | BatchGeo
Many of the hold-ups are believed to be connected to a single crew that has been working North Center, Roscoe Village, and Lakeview for nearly three weeks.

Most recently, a Lakeview man was pistol-whipped and robbed by three offenders near the Jewel-Osco at Southport and Addison around 3 a.m. today.

The man was on Addison when three men approached him and demanded his valuables. One of the offenders then struck the victim with the butt of a handgun before all three ran away with the man’s wallet.  The offenders—described as two Hispanic men and a black man in dark clothing who stand 5’8” to 6-feet tall—were seen getting into an older model silver car, possibly a Ford Taurus.

• Around 1:30 a.m., a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the 1900 block of West Waveland, police said. The woman reported that two men with bandanas on their faces displayed a silver handgun and took her purse, wallet, and phone before running westbound on Addison. The offenders were described as two Hispanic men who stand about 5’9” tall and were wearing dark clothes.

• Two people were mugged in separate armed robberies in the 1900 block of West Warner around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. One victim was struck in the head. Once again, three offenders wearing dark clothing covered their faces and robbed the victims while armed with two handguns. The offenders took a pizza, a phone, and other valuables from the victims. The three were said to be Hispanic men.

• Three men robbed another man around 11 p.m. Saturday in the 2900 block of North Seminary. Once again, two handguns were pointed at the victim by male offenders who covered their faces with masks or rags. The three fled westbound in the south alley of George Street in a silver car that may be an older Ford Taurus.

• Finally, in a case that is not believed to be related to the other five, a victim was jumped and robbed Saturday evening near the 19th District police station. The victim told police that they were in the 900 block of West Addison around 8:20 p.m. when two teenage offenders attacked him and took an Apple iPhone. The victim said the robbers were a 5’7”-tall, 17-year-old black male in a black sweatshirt and a 13-15-year-old black female in a white tee shirt.

Bad Weekend

Two people were robbed Friday evening in Lakeview and North Center. Both cases are believed to be related to the 3-man team that has been striking across the area in recent weeks.

• Around 10:45 p.m. Friday, two men pulled out a handgun and approached the Lakeview man as he exited an Uber in the 1600 block of West Barry, police said. The offenders took the man’s phone and cash before fleeing westbound on Barry.

The robbers were two black men in their 20’s, the victim said. One of them was on a bike.

• At 10:47 p.m. Friday, a woman reported that two men in hoodies tried to rob her at gunpoint in the 1900 block of West Cornelia. She told police that she escaped after noticing that the gun had an orange safety tip, possibly indicating that it was not a real firearm.

She described the offenders as two white or Hispanic men in their late teens or early 20’s. Both wore dark jackets and had average builds. They were last seen running northbound on Wolcott.

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  1. Seems to me that Lakeview residents are under siege. I can't imagine putting myself back in that neighborhood due to the risks of physical injury. Life's too short to be dodging bad guys while paying a fortune to live there.

    1. I got out of that neighborhood back in the 80's after my car was stolen and I was mugged.

  2. Thank your Mayor Rahm for this uptick in violence. He handcuffed his own police to steal an election two years ago. It doesn't matter to him, as he obviously also won his round-the-clock police protection at the detriment of other tax-paying citizens in the district.

    In 2019, remember this and vote the bum out!

    1. I think we should start calling homicides in Chicago RAHMICIDES.

    2. And somehow someway rahm will sneak his corrupt ass back into being reelected. Almost seems like our votes don't even matter during election time. Sad, and supposedly this democracy.

  3. I'm sure it's just a matter of time until someone's held up inside of the police station they've come close enough

  4. I used to live on Reta. My best day - was like owning a boat -- the day I sold my condo and moved to Europe.

    1. I think you are still here. Quit day dreaming.

  5. I moved to North Center from SE Lakeview (Barry and Clark) to get away from the uptick in violence. I did get mugged a year and a day after I moved, but I truly, TRULY, hoped it was not something becoming typical for this neighborhood. My neighbors here are families and though I know my landlord is horrified that I was mugged, I'm so glad it didn't happen to him or his wife when they were out with their children. Granted they're unlikely to be out at 11pm, but still, these muggings are happening during the day too. Why won't Rahmbo or Pawar or Tunney or Foxx or Preckwinkle or ANYONE pay attention and more than lip service to this severely increasing crime? Can we do anything? I support the night marches and all, but that's not daily or significant enough to do anything to deter these criminals from preying on us. Actual penalties would. I hear the overcrowded jails argument, but you know what? Let the people with pot or minor stuff out and how about you actually penalize, SERIOUSLY PENALIZE, the hardcore, consistent criminals? Letting them out after a year or a month or whatever OBVIOUSLY ISN'T WORKING. The criminals are running this city, and I don't mean metaphorically (though that's true too, sadly). What in the EFFING F is going to make people wake up and DO something? CWB or ANYONE, aside from running for office (I'm NOT THAT PERSON), what CAN we do? Lobby for our chosen (hope-to-be) elected officials? Picket Rahmbo's home? Tunney's diner(s)? I'm beyond pissed and ready to organize at this point. If the CWB folx will allow it, please email me at If they block this email addy , please contact them to get in touch with me. I want to organize a picket/protest at Rahmbo's, Tunney's (my former aldercreature), Pawar's (my current aldercreature), Foxx's, Preckwinkle's. Weeknight? Weekend? What do you all think? In the next few weeks - in September or October at the latest! I AM EFFING DONE, and if this is my legacy before I find a job transfer and leave this godforsaken city, SO EFFING BE IT. Tunney, Rahmbo, Pawar, Foxx, Preckwinkle - YOU ARE ON NOTICE.

    1. i'm in once you plan it-rahm's house

  6. Sarah G...they are not concerned about crime. They are only concerned about raising property taxes and soda taxes to line their pockets. I don't like Crook County and never will. I moved a long time ago.