Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Man Gets 12 Years For Robbing North Side Cab Drivers, Trying To Kill Another

Arturo Garcia-Gonzalez (inset) pleaded guilty yesterday to five taxi attacks in Spring 2017.
A 28-year-old Avondale man has pleaded guilty to robbing four cab drivers and trying to kill a fifth during a string of taxi heists across the North Side this spring.

Arturo Garcia-Gonzalez yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and four counts of armed robbery, according to court records.

Judge Nicholas Ford sentenced him to five 12-year sentences that are to be served concurrently.

Garcia-Gonzalez was accused of:
• Robbing a 26-year-old cabbie of $150 cash and a cell phone in the 2000 block of West Fullerton on April 15
• Stabbing a cab driver who’s over 60-years-old during an attempted robbery in the 2600 block of North Kimball on April 15
• Robbing a cabbie of $70 and a cell phone in the 3700 block of North Clark Street on April 14
• Robbing a cabbie of $80 and a cell phone in the 2000 block of West Webster while implying that he had a firearm on April 14
• Robbing another cabbie of $600 and cell phone in the 3500 block of West Melrose on April 14
Court records indicate that at least four of the taxis had in-car surveillance systems that captured images of Garcia-Gonzalez. Footage from the Hotel Palomar in River North also played a role in the investigation, according to police.
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  1. What's the point of a concurrent sentence? Seriously, is it anything different than just one 12 year sentence. Does it impact his getting out after 6 years? Does it extend parole? Any impact at all?

  2. Good solid sentencing!! Thank you judge! That's 60 years. Let's see what he actually serves. My guess is he'll be out 12-15.

    1. Read the story again. Sentences to be served concurrently. That means it's only 12 years. Deduct 50% automatic credit and he's out in 6. Deduct 6 months time served awaiting trial and he'll be out in 5-1/2.

  3. So with the time already under his belt, good time credit (a given) and any other warm-fuzzy time/credit program inside, he's out in what, 4-5 years?

  4. Love this guy's expression as if to say "Who Me?". I think these criminals thugs get it. Why do one crime when you can do 5 or more and get your sentence concurrent. Do 5 for the price of one. What a joke! You will see him at your local barber shop soon.

  5. So 4 robberies and attempted murder - out in 2.5 years?

  6. So, basically the court is saying to criminals "once you rob one guy, you may as well rob 25 on the same night because you'll only be charged for that one."

    Good to know!

    1. In jolly olde england, if a man rapes 5 women in 5 different apartments in the same building one after the other, it's considered 1 crime, which helps keep britain's crime rate looking somewhat respectable rather than one of the highest in the western world. Perhaps Chicago should try that trick. If you rob and kill 25 people in one highrise on the same night, it's one tiny misdemeanor (of course it's not a felony in Chicago).