Monday, September 25, 2017

Man Drowns At Montrose, But City Can't Spare Cop To Investigate

So, a guy died yesterday.

He pretty much washed ashore at Montrose Beach. The Tribune says he was "found floating."

He repeatedly seized on the beach. Convulsing. Breathing, it seemed. Or not. It's awkward, trying to tell if someone's breathing or just trying their damnedest to.

The blood frothing from his mouth came from his lungs, mixed with nibbles of his own tongue.

Everyone did the best they could, as far as we can tell.  He vomited as he lay there, we're told. The usual things that drowning people do.

Ambulance #6 showed up and did their best. There really aren't any better than Ambo 6. When they roll up to you, it's either gonna be your best day ever....or your worst.

It would be his worst.

They took him to Weiss Hospital, which is not a particularly good sign for those in the know.

He died. There.

The stupid thing—and by stupid thing we mean “Chicago thing”—is that no police officer ever showed up at the beach.

In fact, no police officer actually took on the man's case until nearly an hour after he died.

Oh, don't us wrong. Dispatchers tried to assign the drowning call around 2 p.m. But every 19th District cop was tied up, assigned to other duties--like watching the mayor's house.

This may strike you as odd, but while that man was dying on the sand, there were seven cops doing essentially nothing in the same police district. Two were assigned to sit in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house at 4228 N. Hermitage. Another two were committed to sitting in the back of the mayor's house. Another two were assigned to a roving car that circles the mayor's home. And the seventh was the sergeant in charge of the mayor's castle guard.

So, who cares?

Meh. He drowned, right? 99% chance that we’re right on that guess.

But the 1% is why we have a police department.

A police department to make sure that the guy didn’t get socked in the face and fall down into the water to drown.

A police department to make sure that someone wasn’t trying to drown him when he died.

A police department to make sure that if he just happened to get hit by a boat or tossed into the water, the responsible parties would be held accountable.

Yeah. He drowned. He blah blah blah whatever the paperwork will say. But no cops ever showed up to gather the stories of the people who saw what happened.

He deserved better.

Since 2011, the 19th District which serves Montrose Beach and much of Uptown, Lakeview, North Center, and Lincoln Park, has lost 105 police officers. That's 105 fewer cops to help when help is needed. And since last September, when the mayor promised to hire 1,000 new cops, the number of officers in the district has actually dropped, not risen.

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  1. This is a disgrace and should be thoroughly investigated. - this officially confirms our status as a 3rd world country.

  2. I wish you would stop criticizing the mayor. He's a democrat. Democrats are sacrosanct. They are above criticism and censure. They are secular gods. They are perfect and wonderful and only care for our best interests. That's is clear as the nose on your face. Our democrat leaders deserve 24/7 armed protection so that crazed right wing zealots don't try to harm them. Excuse now while I go kneel for the national anthem.

  3. I googled rhams address and wow, did he get a sweetheart deal!
    12/08/98 Sold $695,000
    06/08/99 Sold $125,000
    Found that info here:

    1. That info is pulled from public record data and a "sold" price could be a refinance or 2nd, or 3rd mortgage.....or in Chicago, to keep up with the Joneses or O'Malley's or McNamara's.....a 4th or 5th mortgage.

      I had to correct the newspaper of the city you all love to hate regarding this "sold" data they post in their rag as there was no property sold on Golfview Drive in Dearborn, Michigan for $125,000 since about 1968.

    2. .....and what he got was an instant "equity loan" in the first year based on personal recognizance even though there was no equity yet. See how this housing crash happened now?

    3. "Zillow" also has my mother's home valued at about $400,000 when in reality it's true market value is probably about $125,000. It sits on a very large, deep lot that is landlocked. That land cannot be sold or built on. It's worthless other than to mow or play lawn darts on. Wikipedia is also banned by the school district in the aforementioned town because of the errant garbage they post too. Once I edited the Wikipedia profile of a celebrity that I knew. Removed the errant information and a person's name, cut, submit, done.

    4. I have no idea what the previous 2 comments even mean. The writer seems seriously mentally deranged and is having some kind of inside joke that only he knows about. He speaks in endless riddles. What is "the city you all love to hate"? How can Wikipedia be "banned" by a school district? What does "Removed the errant information and a person's name, cut, submit, done" even mean? It isn't even English.

    5. If you're that dumb, that's why your city us in the shape it's in. CWB obviously found it worthwhile to post.

      Best of luck to you and yours there!

    6. (And that was "Detroit" I was speaking of so I'll clue you in on the "riddle". CWB hates to print the word Detroit. Again, all my best to you all, sincerely).

    7. CWB hates to print the word Detroit.
      No. We just get tired of every third anonymous comment containing the word. All of the comments have the same writing style, Entertaining, yet rambling, with throwbacks to the author's better days in Chicago. So, it's not the word "Detroit" that we got tired of...

  4. Please don't blame the "cops" for this, by that I mean the same guys that wear the blue shirts and are running around tirelessly answering calls all day. Put the blame squarely where it belongs, your Alderman, the Mayor and the Lakeview residents that keep voting for them. Majority of the cops that work in 19th don't live here but we try to treat it like our neighborhood and we know and value the effort your residents put into making it a nice place to live. And one last thing we also vote a little differently than the rest of the city, just see what party our Alderman belongs too. We don't get enough cops either but he doesn't agree to tax increases for "more" cops.

    1. Thank you, sir/ma'am, for all that you do for District 019 and for the city. *You are appreciated!*

    2. Based on my 50 years of living in Chi, its been my experience that 99% of cops are honorable, intelligent, committed professionals. I firmly believe the "silent majority" appreciates your efforts to keep us safe.

  5. The King, His Holiness on High, the most Exalted, must *always* be protected, always. His Excellency occupies a loftier stttion than the rest of the ordinary taxpaying constituents and visitors to 019. O Great One, we bow down to thee! Let all the resources be assigned to protect and honor thee, O Shepherd of Our City.

  6. Can’t blame the cops or dispatchers for this one. The one you can blame is the person who promised to put more cops on the streets. I would rather have my tax dollars go to police waiting for assignments that to have them with ten assignments nine of which they can’t get to. Keep on voting for the same people Chicago and you will get the same results. Promises, promises. Today I promise to win the lottery. Lol.

  7. Does the mayor pay property tax on that house? Just curious. I’ve heard rumors he does not as his wife runs or claims to run a not for profit business out it there

  8. Dear neighbors -
    As tragic and awful as this article is, please do NOT expect that it will be different for you.
    It won't.
    You're injured. You're bleeding. You're not making it. Better hope somebody close by knows CPR, trauma aid or whatever.
    THANKS Tunney and Cappleman and Smith and Rahm for living up to your promises of taxes for police.
    Thanks for ruining the whole damn city.
    And to all of you neighbors keep your mouths closed and who vote these scum back in...good luck when the rats pike up on your doorstep. You deserve it.

    1. Not to sound cynical, but I haven't seen a mayoral candidate worth voting for in a while. I think rahm is a disgusting mess, but you could throw a dart at your ballot and this crummy stuff would all still be going on. We don't need citizens to focus on voting - at some level, what's the point, given the choices? we need the best of them to run for that godforsaken office.

    2. Great post and I respectfully agree...same goes for the lame judges who give slap on the wrist sentences to the thugs that continually wreak havoc on our neighborhood time and again...get smart neighbors and vote these judges out.

    3. RE AnonymousSep 25, 2017, 11:10:00 PM
      So, we generally agree (I'm the OP above).
      But --- look at NYC. The NY machine ran a string of crap candidates from 1924 when LaGuardia changed to the 'Progessive Party' all the way through Koch and then Denkins in 1990.
      66 years.
      The city was in shit-shape. Even after the bail-out.
      What happened? People got sick of it. And they got mad. Result?
      Guilani took over revitalizing the city in 1994. Followed by Bloomberg 2002-2013.
      When voters get mad. Things happen.
      Sadly, WAY too many Chicago idiot-sheeple don't even see a problem.
      People need to get mad. Otherwise....(crickets)

    4. RE AnonymousSep 25, 2017, 11:10:00 PM
      (I'm the OP above)
      We'd agree about the crap slate of candidates.
      But look what happened in NYC.
      64 years of crap until the voters got royally pissed off in 1994. A 'Howard Beale' moment.
      Giuliani got voted in, and started to clean up the mess. Bloomberg came next.
      22 years of progress.
      Then NYC turned back. Too bad.
      But FIRST the voters have to get pissed off.
      Otherwise the machines will keep churning out the same slop for candidates.

  9. Fucking ridiculous, and fucking disgusting. Rahm should be thoroughly ashamed of the way he's run this city into the ground.

  10. I believe you neglected to mention the police officer who sits at the old fire station guarding the kings vehicles when he is at home, or the empty fire station when he is "working".........

  11. Yes it is a very frustrating situation- but the Mayor of a large city like Chicago deserves to have police protection. It is my understanding that his patrol is completely separate from any of the beats- if his protection detail was decreased by 2 officers I don't think that would equate to two more cops on the street. Remember Ed Burke had a police detail for 28 years. Blame our lame gun possession laws and the black caucus in Springfield.

    1. The manpower we listed is all assigned to the 19th District. If they were not sitting outside the mayor's house, they would be dedicated to the rest of the district. Their presence at and near the home is 24/7/365 whether the home is occupied or not. It is separate from the detail ("bodyguards") who drive the mayor around.

      In fact (interesting trivia), the mayor's house has its very on police beat: 1926.

    2. So if (err, when) I get mugged in front of Rahm's house do I call 911 and tell them I'm in beat 1926? Then I guess I wait for OTHER cops to show up b/c the ones in front of his house can't help me.

    3. It would be interesting to see one of those charts showing crime data/statistics for Beat 1926.
      Also, one out remember that the mayor (His High Holiness O Excellent Grace) needs 24/7/365 police protection in case his son has to go down the street for 10:00PM guidance counseling, remember? LOL!!!

  12. Unbelievable. Rahm's cops eat up a lot of resources that could be going to the district. And a sergeant to boot. Unbelievable. Don't forget about Burke either.

  13. There was such a difference way in which the corrupt connected Daley's ran Chicago. Yes, they were criminals and siphoned from the tax payers, but they also loved Chicago--Chicago was their identity. If Chicago looked bad, they looked bad. Today's politicians could care less about anything. They have no scruples. Nothing is sacred to them except for money and power. Why do voters allow them to get away with it? Rahm spends have is time in Costa Rico. What a corrupt pig.

    1. The Daleys loved Chicago so much they used it as their own private cash machine. Nephew Richie kills a kid just off of the viagra triangle. And the sheeple bowed to them everywhere they went.
      "Today's politicians could care less about anything. They have no scruples."
      So.....the difference is what exactly. Please explain.

    2. Wouldn't the difference be politicians today openly flaunt their corruption whereas in the days of the Daleys they tried to hide it? Perhaps that's because they know Chicago voters don't give a shit.

    3. So true. It is right in front for everyone to smell.

  14. Good people are being robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. Who gives a shit about this asshole.

    1. Guess what? Anyone who got robbed during those two hours didn't get police service either. But, who cares about those assholes, right?

  15. It was hard to read this as the man who died has been a friend of mine (and so many others) for decades. He didn't deserve this. Not at all. Damn, if someone pulled him out sooner he'd still be here.

    The world lost a great human being. He did not know any strangers. Beyond kind, caring, selfless, no vices at all. Fuck. This kills me and all who were literally blessed to know him. Rip Ray. I'm just shell shocked at this loss.

  16. My condolences for the loss of your friend. It may be worth family to have attorney inquire as to the delayed or lack of response. Peace