Saturday, September 02, 2017

Friday Night: Armed Robberies In Lakeview, North Center Minutes Apart

An Uber passenger was robbed as he stepped out of a ride share near Barry and Paulina around 10:40 p.m. Friday. Minutes later, a woman escaped an armed robbery attempt in nearby North Center.

Here are the details:

• Around 10:45 p.m., two men pulled out a handgun and approached the Lakeview man as he exited an Uber in the 1700 block of West Barry, police said. The offenders took the man’s phone and cash before fleeing westbound on Barry.

The robbers were two black men in their 20’s, the victim said. One of them was on a bike.

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• At 10:47 p.m., a woman reported that two men in hoodies tried to rob her at gunpoint in the 1900 block of West Cornelia. She told police that she escaped after noticing that the gun had an orange safety tip, possibly indicating that it was not a real firearm.

She described the offenders as two white or Hispanic men in their late teens or early 20’s. Both wore dark jackets and had average builds. They were last seen running northbound on Wolcott.
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  1. Is it possible that the muggers on Barry knew the passenger was going to Barry?
    Did they have access to Uber information? Possibly from the Uber driver?

  2. Great. I live pretty much right in between those two crime locations. This is why I hardly ever carry my phone at night if I'm alone. Just a little cash and my Ventra card. If something does happen to me, there will always be somebody else with a phone nearby. I can spare a little cash and report a Ventra card if stolen.

    1. If you live in an area where it is too dangerous to carry your cell phone at night, why don't you move to a safer area?

    2. You might as well carry the phone and hand it straight over to them when they rob you. If you don't have anything to give them they'll just pistol whip or shoot you. Carry some expired credit cards and a fake wallet to hand over too.

  3. Because that's pretty much life in this city,now.