Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cops: Catalytic Converter Thieves Return To Lincoln Park

They’re baaaack.

Police are once again warning North Side residents about catalytic converter thieves. The current crew seems to be concentrating its efforts around DePaul University and nearby Lincoln Park.

As usual, the thieves work during overnight hours, sawing catalytic converters off of parked vehicles. They’re focusing on Lexus and Honda models currently, police said in an alert.

The criminals will eventually sell the stolen converters for a couple of hundred bucks each. And the victims will typically pay a couple of thousand dollars to have the damage repaired.

A community alert from Area North detectives lists seven cases connected to the current pattern:
• In the 2100 block of North Fremont overnight on August 7-8.
• The 1000 block of North Bissell overnight on August 7-8.
• The 2100 block of North Lakewood late on August 18 or early August 19
• The 2200 block of North Lakewood early on August 19.
• The 2300 block of North Lakewood between August 18 and 20.
• The 500 block of West Fullerton between August 21 and 23.
• The 500 block of West Fullerton early on September 11.
The suspects, according to the police alert, are two black men who wear hoodies. Their work is often quite noticeable as it involves sawing through metal in the middle of the night.

Anyone with information should call Area North detectives at (312) 747-8380.
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  1. Thank God another warning. Glad to see the area north dicks are on the job. Stop with all the warnings and get out from behind your keyboards and catch the criminals. What good is a warning long after the fact.

  2. Notice when this stuff starts AGAIN ZERO POLICE PATROL the criminals know this zero police patrols and the criminals work a small area as if they have free rein, and the do thanks Tom Turkey for allowing Rahm to raise our taxes and take our police

  3. Was talking to my neighbor this AM who bought his 2-flat in ‘92. Taxes have gone from $1800/yr to $8500. City services have quadrupled in cost during that time, too. No wonder Chicago is losing population. It ain’t working, fellas. See ya later!

  4. Thanks for the head up guys. Will post armed guard and deduct cost from my property taxes. Hope rahm understands.

  5. You cant even shoot the thieves if you catch them red handed. Its just a little old property crime. Or,is this counted in the theft of lost or mislaid property ? Love that one.

  6. People have simply got to quit mislaying them catalytic converters.