Thursday, September 28, 2017

Again? Lincoln Square Cellular Store Robbed At Gunpoint This Morning

A Verizon Wireless store in the heart of the Lincoln Square shopping strip was robbed at gunpoint this morning—the second time the shop has been targeted by robbers this year.

An employee fled into the store’s safe after an armed man entered the shop around 10:10 a.m.

While the worker called for help, the robber took about 15 brand new, still-boxed iPhones and fled out the back door.

Surveillance video shows the offender to be a thin black man in his 40’s armed with a silver handgun. He stands about 5’10” tall and wore purple gloves, a black zip-up jacket, and black pants while inside the store. He carried a black gym bag.

The Verizon store and a nearby Boost Mobile shop have been targeted by robbers a combined six times since 2014. Nearly all of the hold-ups have involved offenders who were armed with handguns, records show.

The Verizon was most recently robbed on May 22. A man was later charged.

The Boost store was hit in August.
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  1. well that took some balls....How dare that worker call the police on the criminal? Hasn't that worker heard Rahm talk about Chicago Values? You know ..the values where we reduce the police force overall, cut detectives and special investigators. Where Tom dart knocks down entire buildings that were built to hold criminals and keep them from committing crimes? Oh no! Not here! We are Chicago and we have values...

  2. Yep....Chicago Values....
    Chicago values your tax contributions and your vote. Thanks!!!
    BTW, we couldn't give less of a s#^t about you, your family, your safety, or anything else. So get out your wallet and STFU.