Thursday, August 03, 2017

UH-OH TUNOCCHIO: Alderman Says False Police Manpower Claim Was "Error"

Alderman Tom Tunney stuffs a stack of emails from CWBChicago editors into our "file." | Facebook
His office may be entering its 14th month of not responding to our emails, but it’s good to see that local Alderman Tom Tunney reads our work.

On Wednesday, his office didn’t respond to an email in which we asked how the alderman had determined that, with local police manpower at just 363 cops, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had not broken a promise to have at least 366 cops in the 19th District.

So, we wrote a little story about it.

Today, the alderman’s weekly newsletter contained a correction:
There was an error in my July 28 newsletter in the section where we updated how many officers are in the 19th District.  It is correct that as of July there were 363 officers in the 19th District. While this is more than 19 had in January of 2016, this is not more than the number the Mayor committed in October 2015.  We should have caught that error and did not.  
Jeez, Tom. All ya gotta to do is hit the “reply” button on our email and say so.
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