Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sheridan Red Line Attacker In Custody, Cops Say

Onofre (inset) is accused of severely injuring a man at the Sheridan CTA station in July | Chicago Police Dept
An Edgewater man is in custody, charged with severely injuring a man at the Sheridan Red Line station on July 8, Chicago police announced via Facebook.

On August 2, detectives released CTA surveillance images of the attack and asked for the public’s help in identifying the offender. “Within one hour, the detective had the offender identified,” the department said.

22-year-old Adolfo Onofre was arrested at his home later the same day.

Onofre is charged with one count of aggravated battery for allegedly pushing the 49-year-old victim down the stairs and then kicking the man repeatedly.

The victim suffered a broken pelvis, a broken orbital socket, and multiple bruises and abrasions in the attack, police said.

Images released on August 2 show the suspect and victim before and after the attack | Chicago Police Dept
Photos released last week showed a man resembling Onofre speaking with the victim at the top of the CTA station’s stairs around 5 a.m. Another image showed the victim lying at the bottom of the staircase after being pushed.

Detectives said the suspect had boarded the train at the Thorndale station and exited at Sheridan moments before the attack. Onofre lives two blocks from the Thorndale stop.

A judge set bail for Onofre at $50,000 and approved him for release on electronic monitoring, according to court records.
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  1. He was known as the mean George Lopez when he attended Lake View High School, always in trouble and fighting with teachers.

  2. electronic monitoring....great

  3. Electronic monitoring. Ridiculous.

    1. I'd be ok with it if it was a electric shock collar. Step off your property and BZZZZZTTT

  4. Replies
    1. Does motive even matter??? Why don't you understand that evil people exist and they do evil things???

  5. Still can't wrap my head around the size difference between victim and attacker. I guess you can hurt someone bigger than you if you catch them off-guard and push them down a set of stairs. Don't underestimate a little fella.

  6. It's nice to know security cameras did their job in at least one situation.

  7. I would personally thank sheriff tom dart and SA Kim foxx who takes the rights of criminals over victims each instance. How electronic bracelet keeps people safe is beyond me, don't know about you but criminals who batter and rob and beat people should be in jail awaiting their trial. Not walking around like free people !?

  8. Keep him in Jail where his meaness can be put through a real test for survival.

  9. This is good news. Thanks for sharing CWB. I'm assuming and hoping the victim can identify the offender otherwise we all know the case will get dropped by the ASA.