Tuesday, August 08, 2017

River North "WEED" Van Held $98,000 Worth Of Pot-Laced Snacks, Prosecutors Say

Griggs (top) and Moss had nearly $98,000 worth of pot products in their van, prosecutors say. | YouTube
“We are open 7 days a week, 420 days a year.“
—Weed World website slogan

It’s a bright green van smacked with “Weed World” signage, phone numbers for delivery, a website, and a bright yellow caution sign: “Warning! Do not attempt to smoke this vehicle!”

YouTube videos show people lined up at similar vans across Chicago, buying lollipops with flavors like “Lemon Drop Kush,” “The Purple Urkle” and “Herojuana."

Weed World vendors serve the public on Chicago's Near West Side | YouTube
Surely those friendly folks in the van aren't selling pot-laced candy in the open like that, right?

Yes, they are, prosecutors said—charging two people with peddling $97,952 worth of allegedly pot-infused snacks from a “Weed World” van on State Street this weekend.

It all began with a routine 911 call around 7:15 p.m. on Saturday.

A man told police that he had just been offered pot by a couple of people who were sitting in a green truck with the word “WEED” painted on the side in the 600 block of North State Street

The Weed World crew rolls into Mickey D's | YouTube
Cops pulled up to the corner of State and Erie—less than 30 yards from the three-flat building where former President Barack Obama started his law career—and there it was.

The Weed World cruiser.

“The side of the van has pictures of color lollipops with the name of the flavor,” officers later said.

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Peering inside the van, cops saw an open Coors Light and “several colored lollipops matching what was being advertised on the vehicle.”

The officers “have learned through their work experience that edible items can be infused with cannabis.”

TFW your Weed World sucker matches your school's shirt. | YouTube
First, 51-year-old Robin Moss of Birmingham, AL, was arrested for violating the city’s open liquor container law. But that Coors Light would soon become the least of her problems.

As Moss was being locked up, the van's driver, 36-year-old Bradly Griggs of Douglasville, GA, reportedly told officers that he had a gun in the van—but that he has a concealed carry permit back home in Georgia.

So, he was detained for the weapons charge. And that would soon become the least of his problems.

Because police began inventorying the cannabis cruiser for impound.

Bags of lollipops—“blue, teal, orange, green, red, and pink” believed to be infused with cannabis were found.

Weed World ladies working Chicago. | YouTube
Prosecutors said there were six heat-sealed bags of “green paste” believed to be pot; thirteen pot-laced brownies; and eight weed-whacked Rice Krispies.

Altogether, police say they recovered 6,122 grams of marijuana product worth $97,952 from the van.

And, yes, there was a gun. A Ruger 9-millimeter with a loaded 16-shot magazine, according to police department records.

Moss is charged with Class X felony manufacture-delivery of over 5000 grams of cannabis; felony possession of more than 5000 grams of cannabis; felony possession of cocaine; and drinking on the public way.

Griggs is charged with Class X felony manufacture-delivery of over 5000 grams of cannabis; felony possession of more than 5000 grams of cannabis; and unlawful use of a firearm.

Bond for each is set at $50,000.

It seems that many past customers aren’t pleased with Weed World’s products. The company’s New Orleans and Manhattan Yelp reviews claim that the candies don’t have any THC in them at all. And the baked goods sucked.
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  1. You really can't make this stuff up.

  2. You can't make this shit up. There are some dumbass stupidass people out there. Weed world my ass! Get your lame asses back to Georgia and Alabama (lol ...)

  3. Again, where's the probable cause???
    I mean...just 'cause you got a green Weed World van, and a website advertising your 'stuff', and you can't remember how many days are in a year....really!

    1. “Peering inside the van, cops saw an open Coors Light

      the van's driver, 36-year-old Bradly Griggs of Douglasville, GA, reportedly told officers that he had a gun in the van—but that he has a concealed carry permit back home in Georgia.”

    2. Probable cause was the open container!

    3. Guys - check your sarcasm meter.
      Needs adjustment. Badly.

    4. Ummmmm......sarcasm.....
      Best check your meter.

  4. Damn, would have liked to have checked that out. Unbelievable though, what a combination of ignorance, naivete, and balls.

  5. Probable cause was in the bystander informing the officers individuals in a green van with the word "weed" plastered on its side offered him pot.

  6. These candies don't have any "weed" in them. They're likely hemp derived CBD, of anything, which is legal. I don't know about all the other stuff but I'm guessing that charge will be dropped.

  7. The gun charge won't stick. If the guy truly has concealed carry in Georgia, Illinois has reciprocity and will honor that.

    Quoting here: Illinois allows residents of other states to carry a concealed firearm in their vehicle if they can legally carry a firearm in public under the laws of their state or territory of residence and are not prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law.

    1. @your daly downer- you ARE Wong. You are only allowed to legally carry your CCW if you are not under the influence (He was drinking beer-who drinks coors anyway???), and not be involved in illegal activities ( selling pot products). Once you cross that line and sell illegal drugs ( really it's just weed, legalize it already) your legal weapon actually becomes another charge of protecting your drugs with a firearm. If the edibles do turn out to only contain cbd, they will prob drop all weed related charges and the gun charge for Griggs. That coke charge for moss (your 51 and still blowing yay??) isn't going anywhere tho. That's gonna stick!! Either way these two and the genius at lala with joints sign have got to be the most stupidest drug dealers I have ever seen.

  8. From what I read on the interwebs it would seem that "Weed Worlds" business model is to scam stoners out of their money by selling them stuff they infer to be laced with pot but it's just a huge con.

  9. Legalize marijuana! What Illinois needs is to criminalize, well, you know, things like murder, burglary, battery....

  10. Gotta love all these anti-weed comments from the part of Chicago known for its meth and cocaine problems... Lake View/Boystown, have a seat.

  11. You know, you guys at cwb aren't any better then any newspaper or news outlet. You have open commenting, but only choose to post comments that further YOUR agenda just like the rest of them. I post sensible non violent, non racist, non discriminating comments and you very rarely post them. Fuck you guys....