Friday, August 18, 2017

Men Who Robbed Boystown Motorist Get Easy Sentences

Murphy (left) and Perry pleaded guilty to robbing a motorist at Belmont and Halsted.
A man who was on parole for robbery when he robbed a Boystown motorist in November received a cake walk sentence of 2-years in prison this week. His co-offender received an even easier sentence: 2-years of “mental health probation.”

Parolee Joseph Murphy, Juan Perry, and an unknown third person approached a driver at Belmont and Halsted while he waited for a red light to change. One of the men asked the driver for a cigarette and became enraged when the driver turned them down, prosecutors said.

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A fight broke out with Perry knocking the man to the ground and Murphy kicking the victim while he was down, according to court records. The offenders tried to take the victim’s wallet and keys while the third man entered the victim's car and took his phone, prosecutors said.

Murphy and Perry were arrested later that night when the victim saw them in the 900 block of West Belmont and flagged down patrol officers.

State records show that Murphy was on probation for two other robberies at the time of the mugging. He had been sentenced to four years in prison for robbery in March 2013, and he was given another four years in a separate case in November 2013, records show.

Despite that, Murphy was paroled in November 2016. He lists the Howard Brown Health Center at 4025 N. Sheridan as his “home.”

He has now been given a fresh two-year sentence. With credit for time served awaiting trial, Murphy is expected to be freed this spring. Perry was instructed to undergo mental health treatment while on probation for two years.
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  1. Seriously. The thugs will never give up the bad behavior because they're not held accountable. I'm all for giving a second chance but come on...

    1. How does the court know that he's going to get mental health help? Do they have him check into the court and swear that he saw a counselor?
      Unfortunately, the judge's hands are tied, because the prosecutor & sheriff staff has been cut by Toni P.
      At one time the County was sending criminals to other counties and states that had space to house them and paid those counties (less money) for their incarceration. We should do it again if we don't have the money to incarcerate them.

  2. The judge who actually thinks that criminal thug punk is going to undergo mental health treatment while on probation needs to undergo mental health treatment.

  3. If there is one sector of Chicagoans Mayor Emanuel and CPD despise itcis Law Abiding Citizens. Wake up.Chicago is Broken

    1. Don't put this on the Mayor. This is a county problem. Toni P. is going to have a hard time getting elected next time because of the soda tax and the light sentences given to criminals.

  4. The might as well let them walk. The jail time one will spend is a joke and the other is free to pray on you today. It's time to ship them to an island surrounded by hungry sharks and let them fend for themselves, won't happen but it's time.

  5. Those $12/pack cigarettes with those added taxes for "health reasons" though.....

  6. Folks, at the risk of making an unpopular statement, if your upset at what you read about criminals getting a slap on the wrist in Chicago/Cook County, it's not the judges, it's the state's attorney's that you should be upset with. They have marching orders from above, i.e. Kim Foxx and Toni Periwinkle to not charge or pursue these cases vigorously. Also, blame the Mayor's office for routing out CPD manpower to other areas of the city, thus creating a void.

    1. "it's not the judges"

      BS. It's plenty of the judges. PLENTY of them.

    2. Your point is very well taken.
      Though, I'd modify your claim a bit to suggest that the civil servants MOST OFTEN to blame are Foxxx and Preckwinkle.
      There are plenty of judges who aren't victim friendly. That's also true. But the problem most often starts with the state's attorney. That's true. Aggressive prosecution produces aggressive results.

    3. "BS. It's plenty of the judges. PLENTY of them."

      You just made it obvious from your response you know nothing of the Judicial system, especially in Cook County!! Cheers!!! 🍻 State's attorney sets the charge, judge's sentence according to the charge per statute. If the charge is not a stiff one then the sentence will be just as lame. Cook County's current State's Attorney is a lackey of Periwinkle. The same genius who came up with the "soda tax." No charge for the Civics lesson!!!