Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Man Threatened Trio With Knife In Boystown, Cops Say

An Englewood man is charged with threatening two men and one of their teenage sons with a knife in Boystown early Saturday morning.

Jackson | Chicago Police Dept
24-year-old Deonte Jackson became verbally aggressive toward the victims outside of Taco Burrito Palace, 3507 North Halsted, around 5:30 a.m., police said. He then followed the three to a nearby parking lot while clutching a knife near his waistband, asking “Do you have a problem?” according to prosecutors.

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Cops responded quickly and found Jackson moments later in the 700 block of West Brompton. Officers found a knife in his possession, and all three victims identified Jackson, cops said.

He is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a deadly weapon. He is free on bail.
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  1. Why would someone like that be free on bail?

  2. "Do you have a problem"..... No you have a problem and you are so lucky to be free on bail....hopefully, you'll get locked up in Cook County Jail for a long time, you loser...Cook County does have a problem- 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and he's free on bail!!!! I can see why Jeff Sessions is a bit annoyed with our "lawlessness" city as he so described it today- For once, I can agree with him- shame on the Cook County justice system!

  3. Because, Chicago.
    You must be a foreigner.

  4. In the same area a few days back a white 4 door good condition import car the older driver pulled up across the street from the Taco Burrito Palace, 3507 North Halsted and let out 3 young men with back packs they spread out and started out pestering people for money while the driver watched them. this was with the new parking ban at about 8:00 PM this past weekend. all 4 were watching for something

    1. Good description. Any chance you wrote down the license plate number? Cell phone picture/video? Did you call 9-11 for suspicious persons/car?

  5. Jackson is lucky he is still alive. Walking at someone with a knife ina aggravated manner is very real justification to fill him with lead, especially with a minor present. He's damn Lucky neither of the two adults weren't armed with CCW. Fool almost brought a knife to a gun fight.