Tuesday, August 08, 2017

FBI Sets Up Covert Surveillance On Man With "JOINTS $$" Sign At Lollapalooza

Edgar Perez advertised his wares with a sign that said "JOINTS $$," an FBI agent said | Chicago Police
An undercover FBI agent working near the Lollapalooza festival grounds relied on “years of law enforcement experience and narcotics training” to determine that a man who was carrying a sign that said “JOINTS $$” was attempting to sell cannabis to concertgoers, police said.

The agent—identified in court records only their last name—proceeded to “[conduct] surveillance in a covert capacity” during which they allegedly saw the man with the “JOINTS $$” sign engage in five separate pot sales in the 800 block of South Columbus Drive. A Chicago cop was then sent in to make the arrest around 9:30 p.m. on Friday.

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38-year-old Edgar Perez resisted when the detective identified himself, announcing “I’m not going to jail," prosecutors said. Perez swung at the officer and knocked the cop’s glasses off of his face, forcing the officer to fight back until backup arrived. The FBI employee apparently used their “years of law enforcement experience” to not get involved.

Perez, of the Southwest Side's West Elsdon neighborhood, was found to be in possession of 15 grams of pot and $1,321 cash at the time of his arrest, prosecutors say.

He’s charged with misdemeanor resisting police and one felony count of manufacture-delivery of cannabis.
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  1. From my years in law enforcement - Never trust a Fed.

  2. This is a complete bullshit arrest.
    Where's the probable cause?

  3. How about the large sign that said joints...that's probable cause

  4. So this man swung at the officer knocking his glasses off and gets charged with a misdemeanor? wow!

  5. who is this probable cause guy? Rham's kid?

  6. "This is a complete bullshit arrest.
    Where's the probable cause?"

    You are kidding, right?

  7. So glad they took this violent criminal off the streets!! THANK GOD there won't be anymore marijuana joints floating around killing children, shooting guns, raping and robbing people. Great work Mr FBI agent, i feel so much safer now that this low level small time pot dealer is off the streets. When will his award ceremony for bravery in the line of duty be happening?

    1. Flaunt the law, get arrested, simple as that.