Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Facing Coke Dealing Charge, Teen's Found With Loaded Handgun In Uptown Park, Cops Say

Another gun is off of Uptown’s streets after a police surveillance mission found an accused cocaine dealer with a handgun in Clarendon Park on Saturday evening.

Moore | Chicago Police Dept
Officers were covertly monitoring a group of ten Conservative Vice Lords in the park around 7 p.m. when 18-year-old Shannon Moore stepped behind a planter and stuffed an object into his waistband, police said.

Moore fled when cops approached, but he was quickly apprehended and a handgun with an extended magazine containing 20 live rounds was found in his waist, prosecutors say. The gun was reported stolen on April 29 in Marion, IL, investigators said.

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At the time of his arrest on Saturday, Moore was out on bail after being smacked with a Class X felony charge of manufacture-delivery of cocaine in the 4500 block of North Sheridan on August 9.

He has now picked up new charges of aggravated unlawful use of a loaded firearm; resisting police; and violation of Class X bail bond.

Officers say Moore told him that he had the gun “for protection to go home with” and that he had found it under a garbage can.

Bail for Moore, who lives in Edgewater, is now set at $350,000.
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  1. Free on bond, from his previous Class X Felony drug charges, and then he is running around a Children's park district playground with a STOLEN and LOADED firearm, already a convicted felon, fights and resists police officers arresting him, and this joke of Cook County justice system and judge give him a B.S. $350k bond. We wonder why the criminals don't care and laugh when caught. All the B.S. politicians talk about but why doesn't Trumps new Federal prosecutors starts charging him as Federal violation giving him a hard 10 years in prison?! Sick of this county and city

  2. Just another day..., just another "non-violent" crime.

  3. 18 years old and nowhere to go in life. How does that happen? CPS isn't great, but you at least have to go, right?

  4. Out on bail for a Class X felony?!

  5. If you are out on bail for a felony charge, and get caught with a gun, does that count as a convicted felon in possession of a gun...?? or only if the class X felony charge isn't dropped to a misdemeanor and a stern warning??

    1. Being out on bail, does not mean you are convicted yet. Therefore you can't be a convicted felon in possession of a gun. He will get a few years if convicted on both charges, but be out within 8 months.