Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Duo Burglarized Navy Pier Ben & Jerry's TWICE, Cops Say; "Fleeing with all of the store's money bags"

Jarrett (top) and Ortiz are each charged with two counts of burglary | Yelp!; Chicago Police Dept
Have you heard about the two 19-year-olds who burglarized Navy Pier’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop last month? Cops say the duo stole all of the store’s cash on July 24 and they didn’t waffle before going back for s’more the next week.

We’ve got the scoop.

Cops say surveillance video showed Carlos Ortiz working as the lookout while Keshana Jarrett jumped the counter of the ice cream stand about an hour after it closed on July 24. Jarrett was seen walking to a back area and then fleeing with all of the store’s money bags, police said.

Police declined to say exactly how much was taken but reported that it was equal to all of the cash taken in by the shop on Sunday, July 23, when the temperature reached 93-degrees.

This July 2017 photo shows the Navy Pier ice cream stand doing a booming business. | Google
A week later, Ortiz and Jarret both hopped the store’s counter at 12:40 a.m. and took money bags that contained the store’s cash receipts from Sunday, July 30, prosecutors say.

The 30th was another 93-degree day at Navy Pier, which is consistently ranked as Illinois’ most-attended tourist attraction.

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Once again, police declined to say how much money was taken.

Jarret worked at the shop as a cashier, police said. She was carrying $253 cash when she was arrested on August 16.

Ortiz of the Ashburn neighborhood and Jarret of the Chatham area are both free after posting $25,000 bond.
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  1. So there is nothing to stop people from jumping the counter? Guess BEN & JERRY need to rethink there security system before these two get out. O they are free on bond, wonder where the money came from, thanks Ben see you soon.

  2. Look at the low bond. Is this a joke. PLEASE ENCOURAGE THEM MORE This city is BROKEN.

    1. How much bond are u expecting for a misdemeanor maybe felony theft charge. Chicago is giving armed robbery cases 50k bonds. Nothing too serious here. These 2 will get probation for a year and a slap on the wrist.

  3. Ben & Jerry are two died-in-the-wool Socialists, they should be happy they could share their wealth.

  4. Keshana was a cashier there? Maybe if she worked a little harder she probably would get a raise and work up toward management. No jail time for that. Instead she robs the place where she works. Brilliant!! And no one recognized her the first time? Hmmm!!!

  5. These are some cold stone criminals.