Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bottle Rocket Leads To Big Trouble For Former Supermax Inmate

Things turned sour for Tyrone Dorn when cops stopped him for lighting a bottle rocket in this Loop park.
42-year-old Tyrone Dorn was arrested in Pritzker Park, 330 South State, after cops say they saw him light a bottle rocket around 10:30 p.m. last Monday.

A fireworks charge would be laughable for Dorn, who spent years at the Tamms Supermax penitentiary after participating in attacks at a “regular” Illinois prison while serving time for carjacking.

Unfortunately (for Dorn), cops found a loaded .357 magnum revolver in his backpack at the police station, prosecutors said. He was also carrying three cell phones.

The Near West Side man is now charged with being an armed habitual criminal, which is a Class X felony. Prosecutors also smacked him with charges of being a felon in possession of a weapon; possession of ammunition without a firearm owner’s ID card; using Chicago Park District grounds after hours; reckless conduct; and possession of fireworks.

A judge set his bail at $75,000.

In 2009, Dorn told the Chicago Tribune that he passed the time at Tamms by “reading the Quran and playing chess with an inmate housed upstairs in the same wing. They shout out moves to each other.”

"The hardest part [about Tamms] is the isolation,” Dorn said while locked up there. “It's like being buried alive."
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  1. Being buried alive would be a just punishment. He didn't learn a thing from his time in Tamms Supermax.

  2. Hopefully this is his third class X felony so he can be locked up for life as it seems clear that he will continue to be a serious threat to the community if he is free in society.

    1. Thats not exactly how the 3 strikes law works. Its only certain class x felonies that cause the 3 strike rule. Not all of them

  3. "Carrying three cell phones"? He either talks allot or there are three more robbery victims from this thug.

  4. Pritzker Park has been ruined by bastards like him.

  5. Pritzer Park needs to be cleaned up. Police need to be allowed to do their job and not be criticized. Its too dangerous walking in this area now. Allow our police force to enforce stop and frisk.

  6. people dont get it these criminals like prison it a rest place no worry free meals clothing bed and breakfast with drugs and sex available why would they want out jail is a free place to relax a while