Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another Woman Robbed In Lincoln Square; Lakeview Robbery Victim Offers Important Tip

The latest Lincoln Square robbery happened at 8 p.m. Monday near Leland and Damen, police said.
Chalk up another robbery for Lincoln Square.

Around 8 o’clock Monday night, a woman was mugged by three young male offenders near Damen and Leland—less than a block from the Damen Brown Line station, police said.

The woman was in the 2000 block of West Leland when the offenders jumped her, took her purse, then fled westbound on Leland.

She said all of the robbers were black men or boys. The main offender was about 6-feet tall, and he wore a black jersey with the number 13 on the back. The second robber wore a red shirt. No further description was available for the third suspect.

Police Beat #1911, which includes the center of Lincoln Square has recorded 20 robberies so far this year. That’s up from 14 robberies at this point in 2016.

A Victim Speaks Up

Jennifer Dockery says she’s “lucky.”

She’s the woman who was forced to the ground at gunpoint by two men near Broadway and Surf early Saturday morning.

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“Please please please share this,” she wrote in a comment on our Facebook page. “I was lucky I got out of this unharmed (physically).”

“Always take your Uber directly to your door and have them wait” until you are safely inside, Dockery said. “I usually hop out on Broadway to [make it easier for] the cab drivers. I've felt safe in this area. I was wrong.”

It’s a great suggestion and, as she points out, now you can add a tip for Uber drivers who keep an eye out while you get inside safely.
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  1. Too many uncivilized and too many defenders of the uncivilized.

    1. And too many sitting on side lines Complaining, waiting for somebody else to rescue them.

  2. Nice thought, but ridershare drivers do not have a duty to ensure your safety once you are out of their car. They are also prohibited by Lyft and Uber from carrying a weapon to protect themselves. At the rate the drivers are being paid, don't expect anything other than a safe ride to your destination.

  3. Wouldn't a rideshare driver waiting for their passengers to get safely inside their building be violating the CPD's recent recommendation to not sit in your vehicle too long lest they become the target of a carjacking?

  4. I always insist on drivers waiting til I get to my door. I take cab home at two thirty in the morning four nights a week on a block that is not well lit.

  5. You can tip your Uber driver and ask him or her to wait until you get into your house. Whether or not you want them to wait it is a good deed to tip your drivers.

  6. What cost is safety? For God sakes tip the Uber/Lyft driver!Don't be cheap! I feel really sorry for these drivers especially when they have multiple pick_ups & don't receive a tip.I know of too many drivers that don't even get a tip taking peeps all the way to the airport & after helping with their luggage.If a driver is nice enough to wait for you to get safley in the door, don't be a cheapskate!

  7. they can be decent enough to watch and see if your getting mugged and call 911 I would NOT NEVER expect a cab lift or uber to actually fight a crook