Friday, July 14, 2017

Woman Mugged In Southeast Lakeview Overnight — At Least The Fifth Hold-Up Since Last Wednesday

Today's mugging is at least the fifth hold-up since last Wednesday that is believed to be connected to the duo.
Cops got close but ultimately came up short early today in their pursuit of two men suspected in a series of robberies across Southeast Lakeview and nearby Lincoln Park.

Around 11:55 last night, the men beat up and robbed a woman in the 600 block of West Oakdale.

Officers caught up with one suspect at the Diversey Brown Line station around 12:25 today. But the man jumped from the platform onto the roof of a nearby Potbelly restaurant and then fled, police said.

He was last seen by a resident—crawling out of a trash can in the 1000 block of West Montana around 1 a.m. He may now be limping.

The robbers’ descriptions closely matched those from a series of similar muggings in the area: two black men in dark hoodies—one about 6’2” wearing a black track suit with a red stripe and carrying a backpack; the other shorter and possibly sporting an Afro. Some victims have said that the men displayed a handgun.

Detectives were said to be preparing a community alert about the robberies on Sunday, but that has yet to materialize.

Other muggings connected to the two offenders include:
  1. 11:50 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5, near Clark and Arlington 
  2. 1:05 a.m. on Thursday, July 6, in the 700 block of West Briar 
  3. 1:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 9, in the 600 block of West Deming 
  4. 1:50 a.m. on Sunday, July 9, in the 500 block of West Briar
Additionally, a 911 caller reported that he encountered a man and a woman who had just been robbed near Lincoln and Montana at 1:15 a.m. on Thursday. The offenders’ descriptions were consistent with the other robberies in this pattern, but police were not able to immediately locate the couple.
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  1. Try again CWB.... I believe someone DID get arrested

    1. Indeed. However, his connection to the Oakdale robbery was not known at the time of publication. Area North is working on that, given items recovered from his backpacks. Hopefully, there will be reportable information later on Saturday if charges are approved on the other case.

    2. Great job CPD. The Cook County States Attorney approved felony charges for 5 robberies (1 additional case is pending further investigation) in the Lakeview and Lincoln park neighborhoods. Bryce McGill is being charged in these incidents that occurred in July.

    3. Thanks for weighing in there alderman / alderstaff. Very helpful.
      Now it'll be interesting to see which one of you is wearing a big red handprint on the side of your face from the clear, informed factual CWB response.

    4. Don't be crass, Anonymous Jul 14 4:08:00 PM.

    5. Fact is, no not any connection to any aldercreature. Fact is maybe I know a few more facts as maybe I work inside your District.

  2. Crawling out of a trashcan after beating up a woman. Magical city.