Sunday, July 02, 2017

Town Hall Neighbors Raise $3.3K For Fallen Cops

Nettelhorst students meet a CPD K9 team during the project. | Nettelhorst School
Fifty-five Lakeview-area residents and businesses have teamed up to raise $3,325 for families of Chicago police officers who have been killed or critically injured in the line of duty.

The local campaign is part of a citywide effort to raise money for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and the PAWS no-kill animal shelter by sponsoring giant police K9 statues that will be displayed along the Magnificent Mile starting July 23.

The local drive’s K9 — from “Friends Of The Town Hall District” — has been decorated by students of The Nettelhorst School, 3252 North Broadway.

Nettelhorst teachers used the project as an opportunity for students to learn more about police work, K9 patrols, and the 32 Chicago officers who have fallen in service to our local police district since 1894.

Students brainstormed designs and personally completed the K9 statue, which they named "Savior." The piece is now being prepared for its Mag Mile debut.

After public display ends on Labor Day, the Town Hall K9 will return to Nettelhorst School. The generosity of our neighbors has allowed the school to take ownership of the piece rather than having it go up for auction.


At 1:45 this morning, 19th District officers gathered near the intersection of Belmont and Western to mark the 9th anniversary of Officer Richard Francis’ death in the line of duty.

Francis was a 60-year-old, 27-year veteran of the department when he responded solo to a seemingly routine call of a CTA bus disturbance at 1:45 a.m. on July 2, 2008.

Chicago Police Officer Richard Francis
As he arrived on-scene, just a block from the police station at 2452 West Belmont, Francis recognized the unruly passenger. Robin Johnson was a familiar face for him and other officers in the district.

As Francis stood near Johnson, she disarmed and shot him. Francis fell to the ground and laid motionless as Johnson shot him two more times. He died at the scene.

Johnson then shot at responding officers who returned fire — 20 shots fired in seven seconds, according to reports.

She survived and is serving a life sentence.

Francis is survived by his wife Deborah; and two step-daughters.
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  1. I am shocked, yet pleased, to finally see a news story about citizens appreciating the police. There has been so much in the news where misguided, bleeding heart journalists seem to take the side of thugs and criminals. The statues are a wonderful idea, but unfortunately I predict they will be promptly destroyed by thugs and criminals.

    1. It's too late. They ran the cops out of there decades ago and didn't want them in their business. Now they want them back but they have other priorities. Furthermore, the cops don't want to get sued if they look at a "protected class" the wrong way. It's an extremely dangerous mindset and atmosphere there on the north side of Chicago. Best of luck from another state, I couldn't take it anymore (and I'm gay).

  2. How do people expect any police officer to fulfill their duty when they have absolutely no support? Yes there are bad cops, just as there are bad and good in most things. But this city has become a war zone and it is necessary to have police to their job .All of these lame excuses about people being targeted etc etc are ridiculous red herrings designed to further the anarchy that many people seem to want. There is no credible journalism going on in this country. Consequently, no one really knows what is real anymore. But I do know that with the staggering number of shootings, stabbings, murders etc etc in Chicago, there is soething quite wrong. People have no boundaries any longer and society has run amok.Let's do a little more to support law enforcement to that they feel appreciated and can serve the public more effectively.

  3. I also thank you for this story. I am not a cop but appreciate what they do in this hellish city. Without them...I just cant imagine what would happen in this town.

  4. What a horrible story about Officer Francis. A routine day, near the police station and dealing with a known person, and suddenly one small window leads to death and a lifetime of pain for the family. Officer Francis is a true hero in my book. He may not have been running into a burning building, but was dealing with the violent scum of our society and the odds caught up to him.

  5. Our amazing Officers deserve a standing ovation!

  6. I shocked but happy that someone is celebrating the good guys for a change in this sick neighborhood.

  7. God bless and keep you Officer Francis. Our CPD has many more good guys than bad and we should all be thankful they still want to do their job in this city that is getting more out of control every day. Thanks to our gutless politicians now CPD can be hung out to dry on a daily basis while Rahm & Tommy sit in the comfort of their homes talking about how much they really care about all of us. Thanks for continuing to get the truth out there CWB. It seems you're one of the last legit news outlets I can read.