Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Torch-Wielding Man Threatened To Set CTA Attendant On Fire, Prosecutors Say

Kritikos threatened to set three people on fire near the Western Brown Line station on Friday, prosecutors said.
A man wielding an Eagle blow torch threatened to set three people, including a CTA attendant, on fire near the Western Brown Line station early Friday morning, police said.

47-year-old Louis Kritikos of Glenview is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Around 1 a.m. Kritikos entered the Western station and told a CTA worker, “I’ll cut your throat. I’ll slit your throat. I’ll set you on fire.” He then pulled out a blow torch, lit it, and pointed it at the attendant, prosecutors said.

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Kritikos ran from the station and then threatened a 7-Eleven store clerk with the torch at 4631 North Western, they said.

When a man tried to calm Kritikos down, Kritikos pointed the torch at him and yelled, “I’ll kill you mother f*cker. I’ll kill any white boy,” according to court records.

Cops caught up with Kritikos nearby and the three alleged victims identified him for police.

A judge set Kritikos’ bail at $10,000. Police said he is a self-admitted member of the Insane Popes street gang.
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  1. Sounds like a hate crime to me.

  2. Great, we get the one gang banger in Glenview visiting us along with every other gang banger in the city. We really are open for business.

  3. Set his nuts on fire with that blowtorch.

  4. So he only needs $1000 to be on the streets again. What Judge gave such a low bond?

  5. 10k bail??? Nice job judge Evans

  6. “I’ll cut your throat. I’ll slit your throat. I’ll set you on fire.” And then he... ran away?

    He may claim to be IP but I bet they want no part of this guy. Probably just another nutjob wannabe.

  7. He was an insane Pope from Lawrence and Rockwell back in the 80's ....just an old drugged out mind melted wanna be thug LOL