Saturday, July 15, 2017

Robberies, Pepper-Spraying Reported In Boystown Mayhem Early Saturday

It was one of those nights in Boystown.

A rainbow pylon on Halsted Street | David Rivera via Flickr
At least two robberies, a pepper-spraying, and plenty of good old-fashioned mayhem were reported along the Halsted bar strip early Saturday.

The first robbery was reported around 4:30 a.m. when six offenders stopped a man on the sidewalk near 730 West Roscoe and forcibly searched him for valuables. They took his cell phone and wallet, then fled southbound on Halsted, the victim said.

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He described the muggers only as a group of black men, one of whom wore a red shirt.

While police were driving that man around Boystown on a search for the robbers, they got flagged down by another robbery victim nearby.

Incredibly, as police were working with the two victims at Roscoe and Halsted, a man was pepper-sprayed by another man while cops looked on.

At least the pepper-spray guy got arrested.
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  1. I guess no RAP status since the police were able to drive him around looking for the criminals?

  2. This neighborhood has turned to shit. I want out.

  3. Rahms doing a heck of a job.

    1. Tunney's is pretty dam stunning as well. :/

  4. Saw a large group of folks in Jewel grab and run early Sunday morning....another side story.

    1. Since the plastic bag ban I've seen 2 people BYOB (bag, not bottle), fill it and walk straight out the door at 2 different Jewels. Good thing they got rid of those self-checkouts at most of them to thwart theft.

    2. It was a "crime of survival" (even if it were bottles of Martell). Pay your taxes and mind yo bidness.