Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Peeing In Boystown Alley Ends With Narcotics Charges For Convicted Robber

A man who’s on probation for a June 2015 robbery in Wrigleyville is back in jail—smacked with an extensive list of narcotics charges after cops stopped him for allegedly urinating in a Boystown alley.

Grant | Cook County Sheriff's Office
Cops say they approached 25-year-old Joseph Grant of the South Shore neighborhood to issue him a ticket for urinating between two garbage cans near Halsted and Melrose around 2:45 a.m. on July 8.

But when Grant said he did not have ID, and the fake name that he gave officers failed to appear in a state database, officers were forced to take him into custody, according to their report.

A search turned up four bags of pot in Grant’s right sock and three bags of cocaine in his left sock, prosecutors said. And further investigation revealed that there were two active arrest warrants out for him.

He is charged with manufacture-delivery of cocaine; manufacture-delivery of a look alike substance; manufacture-delivery of cannabis; possession of cannabis; obstructing identification; urinating in public; and a probation violation.

He is being held without bail.

Grant received 30 months probation after he quickly pleaded guilty to mugging a man in the 3600 block of North Sheffield on June 7, 2015. The victim told police that Grant and another man approached him from behind, punched him in the head and face, and then removed his iPhone and wallet from his pockets.

Grant is a Black P Stone gang member, police said.
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  1. I'm surprised at the "no bail" part. The way things have been going lately, I just assumed that they would release without bond because this is Chicago.

  2. How's those drugs? What's worse is even when Nookie's was open late enough to seal the deal on the "rendezvous"....then they couldn't perform. I didn't realize one was so out of it until he mistook my kitchen pantry as a bathroom but thankfully I caught him just in time. My Chicago memories....

  3. I've never bought illegal drugs before so I'm curious about how it works.
    How is the drug trade set-up in Boystown and Wrigleyville? Are there equal amounts of drug dealers on Halsted or on Clark? Does one gang control the entire area? Or is it individuals that are working alone? Do dealers set-up a regular location inside a bar or outside on the street that customers learn through word-of-mouth?

    1. Once there was one right outside the door of Sidetrack selling "weekend goodies" right in front of the door guy that asked us to move down a few more feet to meet the 15' rule when smoking a cigarette (ironic huh?).

      They can often be found and HEARD strolling the street chanting "Got some coke, got some weed. I got some coke, I got some weed".

    2. Also, I was once asked by a straight Lincoln Park couple INSIDE Sidetrack if I had some coke to sell because I was wearing an overcoat and "looked like you might have some" so obviously they know where to go to score some too.

    3. I'm sure alderman Tunney's office could provide this data. Perhaps you might write to him, call, or even drop by. He loves to hear from his constituents and other Chicago residents.

  4. I know that guy. He shady as hell. Makes sense.

  5. @Crusty it's a mix of gangs now. Generally a GD territory in the past but not anymore. Going the way of the rest of chicago gang stuff: no structure.

  6. What's up with this thugs scrunched up face and that surprised deer-in-the-headlights expression?

  7. Magnificent!
    Another sociopath stupid ass.
    And what a way to screw yourself. Peeing in public. You couldn't make it up.