Monday, July 17, 2017

Man Charged With Having Crossbow At Diversey Harbor

Barnett Crossbows
An Alabama man is facing charges after cops say they caught him with a crossbow and razor-tipped arrow near Diversey Harbor.

Patterson | Chicago Police Dept
Police approached 65-year-old Harold Patterson because they saw him drinking a can of beer on park property around 11:30 last Saturday morning, according to their report.

As they approached, the officers noticed a three-foot Barnett crossbow affixed with a scope and a bladed arrow sitting on a picnic table next to Patterson.

“That’s my crossbow,” Patterson allegedly uttered. “I was just showing it to my friends.”

Asked for his identification, Patterson reportedly told cops to “just take me to jail.”

They did.

Patterson is charged with possession of a deadly weapon and consuming an alcoholic beverage on park property.
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