Thursday, July 06, 2017

LSD-Packin' SK8ER Took Stolen City Golf Cart On Park Half-Pipe, Prosecutors Say

Tarasiuk (inset) is charged with taking a stolen city-owned E-Z-GO golf cart on the Wilson Skate Park.
UPDATE JULY 7 4:26PM—There's video, doods! Check it HERE.
We’re so STOKED to tell you this story, brah.

A Franklin Park skater who got bored with his board is accused of taking a stolen city golf cart on the half-pipe at Wilson Skate Park near Montrose Beach.

A line of E-Z-GO carts await duffers at Sydney Marovitz in this Google image
26-year-old Tony Tarasiuk stole the golf cart from Sydney Marovitz golf course around 5 p.m. on June 25 and then raced it to the skate park for a little fun, prosecutors say.


And—if you can believe this—the guy was carrying two tabs of LSD, too, according to charges.

A typical E-Z-GO golf cart | E-Z-GO

A golf course employee saw Tarasiuk take the cart and directed responding officers to the skateboard course at Wilson moments later.


Cops arrested Tarasiuk and gave the E-Z-GO cart back to the golf worker for safe keeping.

Tarasiuk is charged with theft of over $500 and possession of a controlled substance.
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