Thursday, July 13, 2017

LOVE WINS! Yet Another Boystown Street Brawl Caught On Video — Shuttered Businesses Give Way To Mayhem

The latest brawl broke out near Sidetrack bar and Venicci Pizza. | YouTube
Once the sidewalk cafe fence goes down, it’s every man for himself in the latest Boystown street brawl video to hit YouTube.

See the video HERE.

With Sidetrack bar’s signage boasting “Love Wins” in the background, the 10-person melee unfolds directly under one of Halsted Street’s rainbow pillars.

And, like another recent Boystown brawl, this new video was taken in 3300 block of North Halsted, just steps from Roscoe Street.

On a block where there used to be a great all-night diner for bar-hoppers to grab late night grub and maybe close the deal on a rendezvous, Boystown now has shuttered establishments and street fights with baton-wielding security officers.

Progress, we suppose.
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