Monday, July 10, 2017

Lakeview Man Charged With Raping A THIRD Woman (But At Least He's Not On Electronic Monitoring Anymore)

Walters is charged with raping three different women over the course of three years in his Lakeview apartment.
Already accused of two rapes, a Lakeview man is now charged with a third sexual assault. The good news, if there is any, is that a judge has finally decided that the guy shouldn’t be on electronic monitoring anymore.

Robert W. Walters, 44, was arrested last week at his apartment in the 600 block of West Diversey after investigators connected him to a rape that he allegedly committed last summer while he was already under investigation for two other sexual assaults.

Walters is now charged with one more count of criminal sexual assault and he's been ordered held without bail. He had been on electronic monitoring, even after being charged with his second sexual attack last winter.

The new charge came after a 27-year-old woman identified Walters in a photo array as the man who brought her to his residence against her will and sexually assaulted her by force on July 16 last year, prosecutors said.

At the time, Walters was already under investigation for two other rape allegations that police said were “of a similar nature.”

One month after last July's attack, Walters was charged with raping an intoxicated 21-year-old woman that he picked up outside the old Castle Nightclub at 632 North Dearborn in 2013.

A DNA sample from that attack had finally been tested and pointed to Walters, prosecutors said.

The woman told police that Walters took her to his apartment on Diversey and sexually assaulted her as she drifted in and out of consciousness, according to charging papers.

Walters was initially held on $5 million bail, but Judge Carol M. Howard would later cut that to $200,000.

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In November, Walters was charged with a second sexual assault that involved a 26-year-old woman that he met on OkCupid. Walters and the woman met in Wrigleyville around Christmastime 2014, according to prosecutors.

The woman later told police that she was uncomfortable with Walters’ behavior during the date, but she agreed to get into his car on the premise of going to another bar. Instead, Walters drove her to his apartment building and pulled her into his unit where he forcibly raped her, prosecutors said.

More than a year later, testing finally confirmed that Walters’ DNA was found on the victim, prosecutors said.

When Walters showed up in court for his second rape case, Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil set bail at just $75,000. Walters went free on electronic monitoring.
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  1. Real nice. Low bonds each time for this swine. Castration is too nice for,this loser.

    1. He is innocent until proven guilty. Don't be a hater.

    2. Exactly a hater is what this person's comments show. Knows nothing about the actual facts of this yet calls him a swine and talks about castration. Your ancestors were surely present at the Salem Witch trials also. You don't know any actual details of this. Just reading some report written by a cop that has a vested interest in making the innocent man look guilty prior to court. I'm grateful this country has a legal court system with intelligent men and women who actually check every allegation against the facts. The man is innocent. In America citizens are innocents unless proven other wise. This is above the mental capacity of the hater commenter. Innocent man here the facts are going to prove it.

  2. Crook County judges guaranteeing their jobs by letting criminals out on low bonds-- The days of Operation Greylord are back !

    1. Cook County and prosecuter aids and abets cruninals.Kim Foxx is unfit to hold office.

  3. judge howard gave a woman that killed her newborn probation---time to find a new way to get competent judges

    1. It was only her first newborn murder. Kim Foxx will prosecute when there are more than 10.

  4. All those above that rant. The man is alleged to have committed these acts. He has not been convicted of nothing! Charges are mere accusations they prove nothing. Facts: this last "lady" was cheating on her boyfriend/fiance and when she arrived from her consensual night out with this man jealous fiance was waiting at her residence. What else do you think she was going to say happened. The paper is for selling copies!! When the facts come out and they will this innocent man will be vindicated.
    The man is innocent and it will be proven. The man posted bond cash to be put on electric monitoring so he could continue to work to pay for his defense. He has the right to a trial not one sided paper articles and your comments.