Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Attempted Murder Charge Brought In Boystown Baseball Bat Attack

Cory Fulton-Miles (inset) is accused of severely beating a man with a baseball bat outside of Hydrate nightclub.
A Cook County grand jury has returned an attempted murder charge against the Calumet City man who’s accused of severely beating a Boystown club-goer with a baseball bat outside of Hydrate nightclub, 3458 North Halsted, on June 13.

The new charge, tacked on to three previously filed aggravated battery counts, marks a serious turn of events for 23-year-old Cory Fulton-Miles.

A suburban man suffered massive head trauma in the beating that was interrupted by nearby Chicago police officers.

Cops said they saw Fulton-Miles standing with a 28-inch metal baseball bat outside of the club around 3:45 a.m. They rushed to break up the attack after seeing Fulton-Miles strike the 28-year-old victim in the head several times, causing him to fall to the ground, according to prosecutors.

Fulton-Miles dumped the bat as he ran west on Cornelia with cops on his heels. He was caught and arrested moments later in the 3500 block of North Reta, police said.

The victim suffered blunt force trauma, a depressed skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, and a lacerated forehead. He was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in critical condition.

Fulton-Miles’ bail remains set at $200,000. He is due back in court on August 29.
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  1. Please, court advocates, follow this one. Do not let some lame-ass "judge" give the thug more rights and protections than the near-dead victim!

  2. POS

    Why is his bail at $20K? Should be no bond.

    And Foxx, how are you planning on fucking this case up? Have you decided that yet? Did the offender "come from a bad home" like the baby murderer you felt sorry for?

  3. What was a Calumet City man doing in boystown with a baseball bat? Are people like him gay, or are they just looking for trouble? I know the man is a coward either way... I hope the victim does not suffer long term consequences. Nothing warrants a bat to the head.

  4. Any update on how the victim is doing? Hopefully this isn't something that effects him for the rest of his life. But good to see serious charges against this criminal that changed a person and their whole family's lives

  5. But, the State's Attorney, IPRO, The Mayor, all say that baseball bats aren't deadly weapons.

  6. Boy that 'hood sure went to hell compared to when I walked that beat.
    Hows that Liberal Policing working out for you?