Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Two Robberies In Boystown, Third Nearby On Monday Morning

Detectives are investigating two robberies in Boystown and a third in nearby Lincoln Park on Monday morning. Two of the incidents involved groups of four or five offenders taking on lone victims:

• A man was beaten and robbed on the Belmont Red Line platform around 4:30 a.m.  Four or five offenders punched the man in his face and body and took his phone, cash, and a credit card before fleeing. The victim was treated by an ambulance crew for injuries to his face. The offenders were described only as four young black men.

• Around 7:30 a.m., a group of five offenders jumped on a man and tried to rob him near the intersection of Clark and Fullerton. The victim fought back and all of the would-be robbers fled westbound on Fullerton. According to police, the offenders were five young black men or juveniles who were wearing tee shirts and jean shorts. Most of them were carrying backpacks.

• Around 9:45 a.m., two men approached a victim near Belmont and Halsted and began going through his pockets to take his wallet. They only managed to get the man’s pocket knife before they ran off, heading north on Halsted Street.

The suspects are two black men in their late teens or early 20’s who stand about 5’7” tall. One weighs about 170 pounds, has short hair, and was wearing a white tee shirt, a baseball cap, and he had white headphones wrapped around his neck.  The second man was wearing red shorts.
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  1. Thugs running rampant, free, and in control of this area. Cops can't/won't do a thing about it. Crickets chirping at Princess Tunney's office. Voodoo vibes of denial issuing forth from His High Holiness King Rahm's office. It really blows to be a taxpaying constituent in Ward 44!

  2. WOW ! Belmont & Halsted at 9:45 AM. Unbelievable. The next thing will be holding up the Shell gas station a few doors east of the 19th district. Oh, wait, that happened already. Never mind.

  3. "They only managed to get the man’s pocket knife"

    I do not believe he has been schooled in the proper use of the pocket knife.

  4. Be smart out there- phone in pocket, eyes open and scanning the street, ear buds out, cross the street if you have to, dash into a store, and run if you need to. You know what to look out for.

    1. Always good tips but worth the reminder, thank you

  5. Aren't there cameras all over the el stops? They should share these photos with the public.

  6. Unf***ing real. You can't even go about your business on a busy street corner on a normal morning without these thug pieces of shit trying to rob you.

    These assholes are completely emboldened to rape, pillage and plunder to their hearts content thanks to our city and county powers-that-be who do everything to protect the criminal element, tie the hands of the police so they can't do their job and ignore the tax paying, law abiding citizens.

    F*** THIS CITY.

  7. There was another mugging that morning, probably the same group who attempted a robbery at Fullerton and Clark and then fled west. A DePaul student, around 7:30 a.m. on Fullerton near Halsted and Lincoln, surrounded by about 7 youths, pushed up against a wall and had his wallet taken, then they ran away. Right in full view on the sidewalk.