Tuesday, June 06, 2017

SIDEBAR: Details Of The Convicted Felon Who Patrols Boystown For Hire

Part Three of our series about the relationship between policing and private security patrols in Wrigleyville and Boystown goes up Wednesday morning.

In Part One of our series, we reported that a convicted felon who was previously working for Walsh Security in Boystown with a revoked state license has returned to patrol for the firm after securing a probationary license from regulators.

Some readers asked for more information about the man's alleged criminal conduct.

Here it is, from his former defense attorney’s website:
ST. CHARLES - An Aurora man charged with repeatedly posing as a police officer and taking people's money in 1999 pleaded guilty Wednesday to two felonies, but won't go to prison for his crimes...
[A] former security guard at the Howard Johnson Hotel in North Aurora, was accused of pretending to be a police officer and intimidating people on or near the hotel. In some cases, he reportedly entered occupied hotel rooms and questioned them. Some victims said [he] released them only after they paid him a fine for some violation, according to North Aurora police officials.
…The Kane County State's Attorney's Office dropped numerous other charges, including armed robbery and armed violence, that would have carried prison sentences of between six and 30 years.
"The more serious charges were dismissed. He pled guilty to using the oscillating blue light, which I believe he wasn't even aware was a crime," said David Camic…after the court accepted the plea agreement.
In detailing the state’s allegations against the man and a co-worker, the Chicago Tribune wrote in September 1999:
Two security guards from [a] North Aurora hotel were being held Wednesday on $100,000 bail at Kane County Jail after being accused of shaking down hotel guests and illegally detaining undercover police officers.
Meanwhile, police were asking anyone who might have been the victims of suspected additional shakedowns to contact them....
Undercover officers on Friday were sitting in a vehicle at 340 Smoketree Plaza, on land adjacent to hotel property, when two security guards approached them in a dark pickup truck with a flashing strobe light and detained them, police said….
The undercover investigation was spurred by a Sept. 1 report from a Tennessee businessman who told police two of his employees were the victims of a shakedown by men wearing police-like uniforms and carrying guns.
According to the businessman's report, a 20-year-old employee was in a hotel room on Aug. 7 when he answered a knock on the door by two security guards. After seeing a beer in the room, the guards handcuffed him and threatened to take him to jail, the report stated.
When the handcuffed man's boss came in the room, they accused him of buying the beer and threatened to take both men to jail unless they made a payment of $100, the report stated. The boss gave the guards $100 and both men were released, it stated.
The report stated that when interviewed, both guards said they took money from the Tennessee men for damaging a room and wrote them a citation for unlawful possession of a controlled substance.
In 1996, the same man was arrested in Aurora “after a citizen reported a man posing as a police officer with a gun,” the Chicago Tribune reported at the time. The outcome of that criminal case was not immediately available.

The man is now holding a probationary license to work as a security guard in the state and Walsh’s hiring of him is now within regulatory limits.

A fair question to ask: Are there no other candidates who don't have such a history?

Editors note: The 1996 incident took place in the 1200 block of North Lake Street in Aurora, not the 1200 block of North Lake Shore Drive as we originally stated.
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  1. Oh this nutjob. His Facebook is full of complaints on Blacklives Matters protests, post election protests and other groups that don't meet his standards. "Get a job" "go back to where you're from" and other informed comments always included.

    1. Post his Facebook ! So we can be safe from this man

  2. Trash attracts trash, it would appear. Walsh and his thugs are to be feared along Halsted Street. At least that's what they want you to think. To that, I say: fuck that noise. If you're not a member of his "good old boy club," you're shit. How is such a blatant conflict of interest allowed? A CPD employee running a side business? Who benefits? And people like Tunney, Rahm, etc., are more than fully aware of the situation. And they say nothing against it ... which means Walsh & Company have their support and approval. All need to just retire/resign/be fired. Time for fresh faces in District 019 and Ward 44 -- people who will abide by the law and in the best interests of the citizens and business people of the area.

  3. Doesn't Rule 47 "Associating or fraternizing with any person known to have been convicted of any felony " of "Chicago police department rules and regulations ' issued on April 15 2015 apply to this specific police officer/ security business owner ? After all he isn't just his buddy with convicted felon but also employs him and pays him money which seems to be a double violation. Any department supervisor who is formally notified about this is their responsibility and obligation to investigate this info. But if your officer t w, you can get away with anything and be protected by political connections in corrupt Chicago. Apparently TW is too good for real police work so that's why he has a painless and comfortable desk jockey spot because he has more power than his own bosses. Wonder what Eddie Johnson thinks about this

  4. I continue to ask how can Walsh while on duty take care of his business. Even when his off duty he wears his badge and vest that indentefies him as Chicago Police Officer

    1. Keep asking buddy.
      Ask away. And write some letters to the paper too....
      One thing matters. Only one. VOTES.
      That's it.

  5. And how dare you talk of the Sidebar in this manner! Lol

  6. This was written 5 years ago in newspaper and nothing was done then! Never repercussions or consequences when you are above the law with clout :


  7. People seem to think that the years since the conviction makes it irrelevant. As someone who knows the guard in question, he not only is also a known barefly. He is known to have an explosive temper. This is the recipe of Walsh's explosion at the Shoe. If an explosion happens while he is on duty, will the Alliance be liable too?

  8. Tom Walsh is a stand up guy. Too many haters on here who cant figure out someone who is jealous is after him!

    1. Tom Walsh had every opportunity to speak with us. He declined. His stand-upness is not the issue. The concern is some of the the people he has hired to patrol our neighborhood and how they go about their business. He knows how to contact us.

  9. Tunney is a the biggest FUCK UP ever..


    In 1996, the same man was arrested in the Gold Coast “after a citizen reported a man posing as a police officer with a gun,” the Chicago Tribune reported at the time. The outcome of the Chicago criminal case was not immediately available.

    The guy that you are bashing on here and trying to make him look bad is a very well liked guy and very involved with helping the community, he is now legal to work, he works very well with the public, business and CPD. He has made positive difference in the community and he does his best legally to make sure we are all safe. He is NOT racist, he is NOT a bully and he is NOT conducting illegal or criminal acts of any kind. Your story above of the alleged (1996) dealings with Chicago has NOTHING to with the person you are talking about, therefore he needs to file a LAWSUIT against you CWB, Again THE 1996 dealing have nothing to with HIM, you are misinformed. It seems a WITCH HUNT has been set after Tom Walsh and CWB, different Security companies/contractors and others are using anything they can to get it.

    Again The State of Illinois says the guy you were bashing is clear to work. Geez it was 17 years ago, a mistake was made most fabricated along with his taking the fall for someone else because he got a COP fired, It was his work partner/ co defended whom was the ring leader and was corrupt. HE has since then never been in any kind of trouble and is clear to work as mandated by the state of Illinois and FYI his record is set for removal as he has fulfilled all that was required of him for that. He is legal to work, get over it, he has paid his debt and is a great guy and is NOT breaking the Law, so move on to someone else that is, the methodical bullshit, bashing of ones well being and twisted story telling here is just sicking.

    Go after the corrupt Center on Halsted or the CRIB HOUSE on Addison whom provide save haven criminals and thugs that lurk the streets all night harming people, they are the TWO main sources of why the area is being destroyed along with non-proactive Policing, NOT the people making a positive difference working providing Security/Public Safety. Why is it that Clark street by Wrigley there are 20 or more cops always there but non on Halsted protecting the area of Boystown? If it wasn't for the WALSH Security guys on Halsted the GAY community would be in worse shape then it is and be completely over ran by criminals and thugs...

    1. "Go after the corrupt Center on Halsted or the CRIB HOUSE on Addison whom provide save haven criminals and thugs that lurk the streets."

      Just our 2-cents: This does not reflect well on you. Remember that the Center on Halsted is Walsh Security's biggest client. You may want to reconsider who you're calling "corrupt."

  11. "It seems a WITCH HUNT has been set after Tom Walsh"

    For what it's worth, "witch hunts" would not ask Mr. Walsh, Northalsted, and others for their input on multiple occasions over the course of weeks. We have asked for their input repeatedly. They did not respond, which is their right. But that's on them, not us.

    There's a follow-up report coming. None of them are responding to inquiries (again). That's their right. But their silence will not force us into silence. It doesn't work that way.

  12. "Your story above of the alleged (1996) dealings with Chicago has NOTHING to with the person you are talking about, therefore he needs to file a LAWSUIT against you CWB, Again THE 1996 dealing have nothing to with HIM, you are misinformed."

    There was an error there. The location of the incident was 1270 North Lake Street in Aurora, not 1270 North Lake Shore Drive as originally said. Location of the incident has been corrected in our story. The same man was involved in both cases, according to Kane County records.

  13. And that case was dropped Quickly and proven he was working security for the said property and the officer whom prompted that fairytale whom didnt like him was eventualy fired. Then a few years later he felt the rath of the afternath of getting that officer fired Aka revenge from the officers brother another cop and he was setup and arrested on muliple fabericated charges with a co-deffended and most were dropped as therewas no proof other then heresay, he did his day in court and was put on probation, he satisfied the courts request, he sufferd greatly and 17 years later he has never been question or involved in any trouble, he is making a differnce in the community and is very well liked by the community, his co workers, CPD and the businesses of the community. He is cleared to work by the State and is NOT doing anything wrong.