Tuesday, June 13, 2017

REPORT: Cubs Security Company Under State And Federal Investigation In Minnesota; Hiring Practices Eyed

Monterrey CEO Juan Gaytán outside Wrigley Field | negociosnow.com
A Chicago-based firm that provides security services for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Marathon, Lollapalooza, and other high-profile events is under state and federal investigation in Minneapolis, according to reports by KSTP television and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The investigations focus on allegations that Monterrey Security hired people with serious criminal convictions, falsified government documents, and that some of its employees have felony records but did not receive a proper security clearance, KSTP reported Monday. The allegations are apparently focused on the company's year-old contract at Minneapolis' new NFL stadium.

Minnesota’s Private Detective and Protective Agent Services Board brought in the FBI because its investigation crosses state lines into Chicago, the TV report said.

Monterrey confirmed to KSTP that state authorities are looking into the company's hiring practices. But Minnesota sports officials told the station that they were unaware of the FBI’s involvement.
Screen shot of clients claimed by Monterrey Security in a promotional video. | Monterrey Security
CWBChicago recently ran a series of reports about private security patrols in Lakeview that was sparked by the city’s inability to explain how authorities would verify that the Chicago Pride Parade would provide 160 certified off-duty police officers as promised last year.

News of the FBI's involvement aired on KSTP exactly one year after Chicago Special Events Management evaded our question with a general statement about Pride Parade security:
“Our security service is license [sic], bonded and insured, same group that does the neighborhood security for the Chicago Cubs.  Most are permitted for carrying firearms, a few are certified...but non carrying firearms.  All are certified security personnel.”
Monterrey provides security services in Chicago for the Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bears as well as the Chicago Marathon, according to the Star Tribune.

CWBChicago found privately-funded security patrols in Lakeview included people who were falsely billed as being off-duty or retired law enforcement; non-cops wearing CPD checkerboard devices and hats; a convicted felon working on a probationary state license after initially working with a revoked license; and a local security company that is operating with an expired state security contractor license. None of the issues involved Monterrey.

In Minnesota, the FBI is looking into “multiple allegations of falsifying security documents to reflect required security training for employees, despite the fact some of those employees did not complete their training," KSTP said.

Monterrey denies the allegations.

"Monterrey Security can say, in the strongest terms possible, that it has never provided false information to any state agency for any facility it serves. That's simply not true.  We can say with full confidence that the hundreds of Minnesota residents currently employed by Monterrey Security have cleared all required background checks and work in positions they are qualified to work in."

Monterrey’s Minneapolis services fell in the spotlight on New Year’s Day when two Dakota Access Pipeline protesters managed to climb onto rafters of the city’s new US Bank Stadium during an NFL game.

The protesters unfurled a banner from the rooftop beams and then dangled themselves on ropes from the overhead steel.

Minneapolis will host the Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium in February.

In addition to the reported state and federal probes, a Minnesota legislator has asked the state’s Legislative Auditor to conduct a full investigation of Monterrey, the TV station said.

State Representative Sarah Anderson said, “"I am floored. This goes right to the issue of the fact we have severe security issues that are at stake here.”

Anderson is the chair of the Minnesota House State Government Finance Committee.

She said allegations of criminal background check irregularities are “alarming when people are anticipating their security they are certainly expecting that those individuals have had a background check and that they are qualified individuals who've had the training,'' she said.

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  1. I've dealt with Monterrey at events both as a volunteer and participant, and I feel less safe with them then I would without security. They've always struck me as cutting corners and hiring less than the best.

  2. These firms will hire anyone, just fill out an application. I did this is college, was great, I got paid to watch concerts. Training, LOL. Background check, LOL. I had a supervisor ask me and two guys to evict a giant 300 pound dude for selling t shirts illegally inside a stadium. LOL, yeah right, like I was going to risk injury for min. wage, let alone to get into a fight with a 300 pound dude. At most the non police are a visual deterrent. There are a few wanna be coppers who get all excited, but the rest could care less.

    1. I'm in workforce development (aka "getting jobs for at - need people"), and it's a fact that Monterrey will hire just about anyone. They routinely recruit at social service agencies, including those serving the homeless. For this vulnerable population, Monterrey is a (small) step up from the predatory temp/day labor outfits; most of the clients I placed (when I formerly worked at a homeless services agency) that were hired by Monterrey and other security firms are members of the "unemployables" group that these agencies serve. These folks badly need jobs, but I really, REALLY frown on these *security* firms exploiting these low - functioning people to fill their labor pool...it's a squalid practice in my not - so - humble opinion.

  3. Good reporting CWB. Thank you.

    1. Be sure to add "...yet once again..." at the appropriate place.

  4. CWB Chicago has to do a report on what qualifications one needs to be a CPS security guard, how many of them have no previous security work experience, and how many of them have a record for arrests, and are affiliated with street gangs. Plus, what kind of training CPS security guards go through and other qualifications.

    Right now, each CPS security is 'supposed' to go through a 3-day class. A class where many of them walk in and out, play/talk on their phones, sleep, and talk while the speaker is giving a presentation. It's truly a joke and these people are going to be protecting our schools.

    CPS doesn't require their security guard to have PERC card as well.
    What is a PERC card?


    CPS security training session, 3-day:


    CPS Security Guard qualifications:

    High school diploma or GED required
    A minimum of 2-3 years of highly successful related experience
    Knowledge of the CPS Student Code of Conduct
    Knowledge of basic methods of providing site security and safety
    Experience with CPS technology systems utilized for school business processes (i.e. Verify Door Swipe Module)
    Ability to work with adolescents in maintaining a positive and safe school culture
    Ability to follow written and oral instructions
    Proficient with teamwork and collaborating with colleagues and administration
    Exhibit passion and the ability to thrive amidst change and challenging conditions while maintaining a positive outlook and forward looking perspective
    Possess an attuned appreciation for cultural awareness and competency and a staunch commitment to continuously develop insight and proficiencies related to such matters
    Takes personal responsibility for mistakes and learns from them, while consistently following up with analysis and corrective action
    Demonstrated ability to keep up with fast paced environments and to multi-task
    Sound judgment and ethical practice
    Commitment to social justice and restorative justice practices
    Strong oral communication skills, human relations and interpersonal skills
    Impeccable attendance and punctuality
    Successful completion of CPS Security Training and a Passing Score on the CPS Security Skills Assessment is required

  5. The denials sound just as credible as the former Center on Halsted spokesman who was "certain" that neighborhood criminals did not receive services there.

  6. Does Tunney or Emanuel haves financial interests in those so-called security firms ?

  7. An alderman owns it.

    1. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-0206270221jun27-story.html

    2. Well that explains it all.

    3. Amazing how wealthy you can become when you are connected. Went to Field Museum yesterday. Monterray is EVERYWHERE.

  8. Maybe Walsh security story should make the news and front page of suntimea and Chicago tribune. But then again CWB has already done all the work and they actually have integrity and are not persuaded by mayors office unlike the suntimes and trib

  9. Hey I got a good idea and it's hitting two birds with one stone ! Hire the "youths" from center on Halsted and pay them to be on patrol on Toms security team, They can sport fashionable CPD fake gear in their duties and it can also enrich these "youths" sense of responsibility while keeping us all safe, while also putting some money in their pockets for college text books 📚 . Kind of like a paid internship and great resume builder

  10. OMG ------
    EVERYBODY should read this (posted above):
    Please read this story about this firm. Continued violations. Continued "F.U." to the citizens. Clout / insiders dealings.
    Alderman connection: Danny Solis.
    What a goddam sewer this city is. A lousy sewer at that.

    1. My post above.....(I forgot) and a HUGE thank you CWB for your courage and your dedication to the taxpayers and the honest citizens here.
      Friends, please hit the tip jar. Today.
      And tell your friends to read this blog.
      We must support those who support us.

    2. Sincere thanks for your support of CWB and concern for the n'hood. We appreciate both!

    3. Thanks for the reporting on Walsh Security. I generally like your blog and am thankful I no longer live in Lakeview. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who runs CWB blog? Is it one person, several, a company? I googled but cannot fine any names, etc.

  11. The Most Depressed High Holy Rev.. FlavelJun 15, 2017, 8:52:00 AM

    Kudos, CWB, on some excellent journalism in this whole series about Walsh, et al, and now especially about the shadiness of the Monterrey company. This is worthy of being on 60 Minutes or 20/20. Sadly, Anonymous June 15 6:08:00 AM hit the nail on the head though ... the city is a sewer, a lousy sewer. And Boystown/Wrigleyville is rapidly becoming the vanguard forefront of the level of sweetness that permeates this shit-ass city,.

  12. Alderfuck Tunney can't accept responsibility for anything. Then he'll blame them for Pride violence.