Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rape In Boystown Construction Site Brings 17-Year Sentence

Lynch (inset) attacked the woman in the rear of a building that is now a day care center. | Chicago Police Dept
More than three years after he followed a woman from a Boystown gas station and raped her in the back of a Halsted Street construction site, 23-year-old Marcus Lynch has met justice.

Lynch was handed a 17-year sentence on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual assault in connection with the attack on April 14, 2014.

Around 4:30 that afternoon Lynch trailed a then-22-year-old Boystown woman as she walked to buy cigarettes at the Circle K gas station, 801 West Addison. He watched her in the store and then followed her as she left and turned down a nearby alley to return to her apartment, prosecutors said.

About a half-block into the alley, Lynch ran up to the woman from behind, put a double-edged knife to her throat, and shoved her into the back of a construction site at 3532 North Halsted, prosecutors said. Construction crews were still working during the attack to convert a dilapidated auto garage into a day care center.

Aided by surveillance video, cell phone pings, and fingerprints that Lynch left on a construction worker’s truck, cops made an arrest within days.

Prosecutors admitted that Lynch had been accused of sexually assaulting another woman five months before the Boystown attack, but prosecutors did not file charges.

Second City Cop reported details of the case that went uncharged:
[Marcus Lynch] was arrested on 13 December 2013 on another [case] where he detained and raped a female at knifepoint, forced the victim to give him her phone number, called the victim while she was being interviewed by the police for another "date" and was apprehended where he told her to meet him.
Slam-dunk Criminal Sexual Assault, right? Not according to the State's Attorney who refused to approve felony charges that probably would have kept this animal behind bars and prevented the most recent rape. The case was initially listed as "continuing investigation," but was shortly followed up by a refusal of charges.
“It was a different case with different circumstances, and there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges,” state’s attorney spokesperson Sally Daly said at the time.

Lynch's parole date has not been set.

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  1. Don't you mean parole in 11 years? He's served 3 plus. Agg. Criminal Sexual assault gets a mandatory 85%. 85% of 17 is 14.25. I still don't understand why eligibility should equal release though.

    1. Ah. Could be right. We'll take that out until confirmed. Should know better than to try our hands at math.

  2. I remember this attack vividly as it precipitated my wife and I selling our condo on Reta (one block over) and moving overseas. It could have just as easily been my wife in that alley as that attack happened on a sunny afternoon - a block from the Town Hall police station. Where we live now doesn't have the same issues as Chicago but we keep an eye on the blog to see what's happening our old neighborhood. This summer we'll get no closer than Highland Park - sad to say.

  3. Yeah, I don't understand how it's not much higher given the past. And the SA should be ashamed that they let this one back out on the street.

  4. Another example of our legal system's failure to protect society. This guy will rape again within 1 year of being released, probably in 2028.

  5. I think of this poor girl often. That a crime happened in the afternoon just a block from the police station is simply pathetic. Her life is forever changed and his will continue in crime no doubt. What a horror the neighborhood has become.

  6. The 3500, 3400 blocks of North Halsted, and the streets the run east and west off of it, Cornelia, Newport, Brompton, the streets that intersect with them Pine Grove, Reta, Sheffield. Those streets have always been known to be unsafe day or night, sorry if your landlord or realtor didn't give you heads up o the real crime stats there. For the 25 years that I worked down there, it always blew my mind when people would say, " I never would have thought that would happened in this neighborhood, its so safe". Such BS, why, because for a long time the neighborhood was occupied by a bunch of a drunk gay dudes? Murder, rape, throat slashing, robbery, gang attacks, constant drug suppliers, it's nothing new, just getting worse. Don't count on the businesses to give any warnings either, most of them are just as blind, and wont risk losing business over these attacks.

    The fact that this crime happened in the shadow of Wrigley Field, and the 19th district CPD, is sickening. It does no good to cheer for a conviction, or have a moment of silence, the deed has been done, and your elected officials, law officials, and business owners seem unaffected by it.