Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Police Tactical Team Retrieves Alderman's Stolen Phone

Sometimes it’s nice to know that the people who dish out crime prevention tips (Close and lock all of your windows even when you are inside your house!) are just ordinary folks like the rest of us.

Smith (without her phone) |
Take Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith.

On Friday, Smith’s weekly email newsletter offered tips such as “we must stay alert to our surroundings” and “remember not to tune out” when you’re in public.

Yesterday, Smith’s phone was stolen while she was at DePaul University. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Around 12:30 p.m., the alderman summoned police to her Halsted Street offices.

Friendly officers tracked her phone, and a tactical unit was dispatched to nearby Jonquil Park.

There, officers recovered the clout-heavy device from some “yoots” on the playground and hand-delivered it to Smith.

No charges filed. No police report made (which will help keep crime stats down, right alderman)?

Smith's office did not respond to our inquiry.

Jerks And Recreation

Locals know the risks that come with parking your car on Recreation Drive, the road used to access Belmont Harbor and Lincoln Park north of Addison. Plenty of break-ins there.

So, you have to feel for the off-duty police officer who parked his car on Rec Drive on the afternoon of June 8.  When he returned around 5 p.m., someone had broken into his SUV and stolen a Swiss Army backpack.

Unfortunately, the backpack contained the cop’s gun and police identification, making the matter more serious than most.
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