Saturday, June 17, 2017

LET'S DO SHOTS: Gangbanger Shot In Lincoln Park; Bullets Hit Cubs' Food Warehouse In Wrigleyville; Gunfire At N. Side L Station

The man was shot after two groups of people exchanged gunfire in the 2500 block of N. Stockton | Google
A 28-year-old man is in good condition at Stroger Hospital after being shot inside Lincoln Park this morning. No one is in custody and the man is not co-operating with investigators.

Witnesses reported seeing two groups of people shooting at each other near North Pond restaurant in the 2500 block of North Stockton just before 3 a.m. Both groups fled the area in separate vehicles—a gold Cadillac and a blue Chevy Z71 truck.

The victim, a known gang member who lives in West Town, was dropped off at Stroger about 30 minutes later.

Shell casings and blood were found at 2551 North Stockton, police said. Four parked vehicles were also shot.

Wrigleyville Shots Fired

Wrigley Field’s food and beverage warehouse suffered a gunshot wound after a man opened fire during a disturbance in the 3700 block of North Clark this morning.

Callers reported hearing eight shots fired by a man around 2:15 a.m.

The gunman, described as a white man who was wearing a black hat, black shirt, and blue jean shorts, fled the scene in a white Buick SUV, witnesses said.

Cops found a bullet hole in an overhead door of the Wrigley Field warehouse at 3721 North Clark.

Shots Fired At L Station

One man is in custody after shots were fired during an argument at the Clark/Division Red Line station this morning.

The shooter pulled out a gun and shot at the other man on the L station steps around 3 a.m., but no one was struck, police said.

Cops arrested the offender minutes later at the North/Clybourn station. Charges are pending.

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  1. Are there any license plates to go along with the vehicle descriptions? Thanks for giving all this info CWB.

  2. A wonderful day in the neighborhood.....

  3. If a banger won't cooperate with police then hospital should be allowed to refuse to service the gangbanger and let them remain hurt

    1. He will just get free money from the Illinois victim assistance program... Social worker goes in and the money rolls out . Not sure if it is still happening with budget

      problems Heard it from someone who works at Christ Hospital trauma center..

    2. And, when appropriate, a net should be dropped on the 20 people that show up in the emergency room and don't know his name other than "Pookie", nor his address or phone number either.

      My mother took a part time job in a hospital emergency room after retiring from the federal govt (she was getting on our nerves and wasn't the knitting type).

  4. So who pays the hospital bill of the gangbanger? I say stop treating them unless they have the money to pay their bill. They expect treatment but I'm sure someone else ends up paying for it.

    1. Ummm yeah.
      Let's be clear about this: I pay for it. Oh and if you have a job or a pay for it too.

  5. Shoot someone, arrest, jail, early release, shoot someone, arrest, jail, early release.... are our brilliant officials going to realize that something MORE and different needs to be done to stop gun violence in this city? Chicago has become the go-to example for outsiders as a violent and dangerous city. But please, by all means, keep raising taxes.

  6. Our lawmakers have failed us completely. If most cops in London do not carry guns, and cops with guns here serve as little deterrence to shootings and other violent crimes, we've got it all wrong here in the US. It does not matter if we lead the world in medicine, science, technology, sports, etc. if we can't master the basics of keeping an orderly society.

  7. Chicago = disgusting! Do something Rahm! Do something Rauner! Cripes!