Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lincoln Park: Convenience Store Robbery, Attempted Carjacking Investigated

Detectives are investigating an attempted carjacking and a convenience store robbery that were reported in Lincoln Park late Thursday and early Friday.

2181 North Clybourn | Google
Around 11:15 p.m., four men tried to carjack a woman after rear-ending her vehicle in the 2700 block of North Clybourn, police said.

But the attempt failed and both men returned to their car and fled southbound on Clybourn moments later. They were driving a Lexus that had been stolen earlier in the 400 block of North Clark Street. Its vanity license plate begins with the letters BAHA.

The offenders were described only as young black men.

About 90 minutes later, three men announced a robbery at the 7-Eleven store at 2181 North Clybourn.

One offender stepped behind the counter and made the clerk lie on the floor at gunpoint while the crew went to work. All three men then fled in an unknown direction.

The gunman was a short black man with a dark complexion who was wearing a yellow mask. He was armed with a silver revolver. The other two offenders were described only as black men.
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  1. I used to work down the block. I have a picture from 2009 with a Benz convertible smashed right through the front door of that place. I just climbed over the wreckage and asked "Is the Slurpee machine still working?". It was.

  2. (P.S. Always nice/polite workers in there. Maybe they shouldn't have been).

  3. Plate is BAHAMA M. Tried to bump and carjack a woman at 12:30 am Friday morning at Chicago and Milwaukee. She got out of her car, saw the four male blacks, jumped back in her car and snapped a photo of the plate. Per instruction on the neighborhood watch page, she called 911 and headed to the nearest police station. The vehicle full of honor students was seen by residents of the West Town neighborhood/12th District several times on Friday afternoon running stop signs and lights.

    1. I wonder if this bump thing is some new type of game among the "youths?" Along the same lines as the knock-him-out "game" that seemed quite pervasive a few years back. In the bump thing, it sounds like it's about stealing to joyride for awhile before repeating with a new car. I wonder if they have some score or goal, i.e., so many cars in 24 hours? Just a thought. Anyway, glad all the victims here are okay.

    2. I wish joyriding was their only goal. They're using those cars to jump out of and rob people on the street. Learned that right here on this A-1 blog. Best source of accurate, timely and thorough news in town. By far!

    3. Good point. I didn't mean to cast it as innocent shenanigans- it just seems like the newest thing.

    4. These rapscallions most likely drive around till the gas runs out.

  4. Hey Parker and Latin parents ---
    This train load of sewage is headed your way.
    And although it's a bit late, you're going to harvest what you've planted with Daley and Rahm and all the alderdorks you've supported over the years.