Thursday, June 29, 2017

Despite A Lot Of Talk, District Manpower Slips Below Year-Ago Level

Despite plenty of hype about "more police" being added to the Chicago Police Department's 19th District over the past year, the Town Hall station actually has three fewer cops this month than one year ago.

That's according to new police staffing data released in 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney's newsletter today.

The district, which stretches from Fullerton to Lawrence and the Chicago River to Lake Michigan, is staffed by 375 cops today, compared to 378 last June and 468 officers in October 2011.

No, that is not a typo. 468. 

Police manpower in the district is actually down by 20% compared to 2011. 

Staffing is only "up" if it is compared to how anemically low it fell on the watches of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and all of the area's currently-serving aldermen.

At its worst, in October 2015, the district had just 326 police officers assigned to it.

Sources within the 19th District report that, while some newly-graduated probationary police officers and veteran cops have joined the district over the past year, even more officers have retired or transferred out of the district.
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  1. actually its less than that if you figure in more years 2011 to 2017 normally it most like would of went up by 200 cops by now. City of Chicago is like 3000 less cops

  2. Well neighbors - thank you all for caring. Thank you for trying. And CWB, thanks so so much for what you do.
    It's not you. It's Rahm and Cappleman and Tunney and Smith and Madigan and Preckwinkle and Fox - the torrent of shit that is Chicago.
    We're out. The condo is sold. (At a loss. But I'm hugely relieved). The movers show up next week.
    So what? Who cares?
    Well, we SPENT a lot of money here last year - more than $250,000. Paid a lot of taxes. Paid others working with / for us. Gave a fair amount to charity. Most all local. I'm not bragging. Just fact.
    We're out of Chicago. Out of Illinois.
    And we aren't alone.
    Two others on our FLOOR.
    Five others we know of in the building. All for the same reasons.
    ....look at what every single population study says. It's grim.
    So thanks neighbors. I wish it was different.
    And FU to every one of the lousy, inbred, machine-hacks that have made this city what it is. FU. For your short-sighted, shit leadership, FU. Where are the cops Rahm? Tommy? Jim (Are you even still conscious?) FU. Liars. Where's the transparency Toni? FU. How about some justice for victims Kim? FU. How about a budget Mike? FU. What a shit show.
    I'm sorry neighbors. I really am.
    Good luck. And all the best. You deserve better. Much better. Like I said, I wish it was different.

    1. Well, Tunneys and Capolmen could do a lot more fucking toward getting cop's than anyone else and they just sit and zone out all time.

    2. Sadly, Rahm will make a fortune while he is screwing over a city that is broke. Stuffing his pockets with kick backs from contractors and Goldman Sachs.

    3. My family and I are out of this whole joke of a city and state, as well. There's life outside of Chicago, and it's good!

  3. As the poster said above, Rahm is to blame for this shit.

    1. Rahm is a liar and a putz. But he's not the only one.
      Preckwinkle's been at it way longer than he has. So has that creep Madigan.
      Most of the alderturds too.
      It's every single machine leech that participates. Every damn one.
      But Rahm's the cheerleader and CEO. Certainly true.

  4. Wow ! 375 officers assigned to the 19th district. Now, how many are assigned to Rahm's security detail ? How many of those officers are detailed out to other units ? How many have administrative ( inside ) jobs in the district ? We may be lucky to have 340 available for patrol . . . . . Tom ? Tom ?

  5. Mark my word's Tunneys is a lie threw and threw!!!!

  6. 299 blue shirts

  7. The Probationary Police officers only stay in the District for 1 month and move on to another District. On paper they don't get removed until after 1 year. The number is way less, more like -20 or -30.