Thursday, June 01, 2017

Cops Say Boystown Pot Dealer Will "only sell to friends, family, and friends of family"

Willis (inset) is charged with manufacture-delivery of cannabis on the Boystown bar strip | Chicago Police Dept
Yes, those are bags of pot he’s carrying. But a South Side man told cops in Boystown this weekend that he'll “only sell it to friends, family, and friends of family.”

Those strict business rules didn’t stop police from arresting Hasaan Willis, according to a police report.

Cops said they approached Willis because they smelled burning pot emanating from his 2002 Pontiac Bonneville, which was parked in the 3400 block of North Halsted around 1 o’clock Saturday morning.

“I’m just out here enjoying the night,” Willis told cops moments before they say allegedly discovered 10 bags of weed in his car.

“It’s just weed,” Willis reportedly said. “I only sell it to friends, family, and friends of family.”

His family is apparently quite sizable.

Asked how much pot he sold that night before cops arrested him, Willis reportedly said, “a lot. People just call me, and I get them what they want. But only weed. I don’t mess with powder."

Willis is a member of the Black P Stones street gang, according to cops. He’s charged with manufacture-delivery of cannabis and traffic violations.

Bail is set at $10,000.
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  1. Lot of Black P Stones hanging out in boystown. Just sayin😀

  2. Stop calling these thugs up to Lakeview. If it's illegal to sell it, it's illegal to buy it.

  3. If pot was completely legalized, we wouldn't have to deal with issues like this. Our cops ought to be policing violent crimes and property crimes, not economic transactions between two consenting adults.

  4. According to one of the moderators of that "Taking Back Lakeview" Facebook group, she actually DEFENDS the right of the thugs to sell their drugs on Halsted Street.

    1. I'm sorry but you are mistaken. None of the moderators of Taking Back Lakeview Neighbors have made any comments, or replies in the Facebook group defending the rights of gang members to sell drugs on Halsted or elsewhere in Lakeview. -The Moderators of TBLN

  5. legal or not, eventually someone will attempt to rob Mr Willis. The robber will start shooting and Mr Willis will shoot back. Someone will get shot and the odds are against it being the robber or Mr Willis. The odds are more likely that a person in traffic or walking on the street at the time of the robbery will get shot. I'd rather not have ANY dealers in my neighborhood, cigarettes, weed, or cocaine.

  6. Demand = Supply. Not gonna change anytime soon in this neighborhood.

    1. I said that a decade ago and got looks as if I was crazy. Somebody even called me "Breitbart" in Sidetrack.

      Carry on...