Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Career Felon Charged With Firing Gun At CTA Station

Minor (inset) is charged with firing a gun on the Clark/Division station stairs. | CTA; CPD
A career felon, most recently released from parole on April 22, is accused of shooting a gun during an argument at the Clark/Division Red Line station early Saturday.

40-year-old Eric Minor of the East Garfield Park neighborhood got into an argument with another man on the southwest stairs that lead to the turnstiles around 3 a.m., police said.

At one point, Minor pulled out a gun and fired two shots before bolting into the station and running up the tracks on foot. Cops found a 9-millimeter handgun in his possession when they took him into custody at the North/Clybourn station, officers said.

He is charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm in an occupied building; possession of 43 Ecstacy pills; armed violence; and being an armed habitual criminal.

State records show that Minor was discharged from parole on April 22 after completing a 4-1/2 year sentence for narcotics. Police say he is a member of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang.

His previous prison sentences include:
• Six years for manufacture-delivery of cocaine in 2007
• Another six years for narcotics in 2007
• Seven years for possessing and using a weapon as a felon in 2006
• Five years for residential burglary in 2000
• One year for narcotics in 2000
• Three years for robbery in 2000
• Three years for narcotics in 1998
• Another three years for narcotics in 1998
A judge ordered him held without bond.
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  1. Someone buy this judge a beer for the no bond ruling. Unlike the other judge who gave a $50k bond for attempted murder. At least street justice will eventually catch up to that guy.

    1. It looks like he's only been convicted of 8 felonies, not the 10 required by Kim Foxx.

  2. Time for a three strikes law. If we had one he would have struck out in 2000. It's past time to stop giving chances to career criminals. Lock them up and through away the key.

  3. Yet another habitual sociopath.
    Re-re-re-re-released to re-re-re-re victimize normal citizens.
    WTF do you say about this Preckwinkle? Fox? How about you Rahm? You are all a disgrace. Flat out disgrace.

  4. I don't get it, how does he get 7 years for a gun crime and then the next year get a 6 year sentence for drugs? Was he in prison when he was arrested on the drug charge that got him 6 years?

  5. Why wasn't the "possession of a weapon by a felon"? Since he has plenty of felony convictions already?