Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alderman: Lose Your Phone? Call 911!

Smith | DNAInfo
When we contacted Alderman Michele Smith for comment on our story this week about a police tactical team tracking down her stolen phone, she did not respond.

But she did talk to DNAInfo Chicago after our story ran.

Smith told DNAInfo that her phone was “lost.”

"I did just what I tell my constituents to do," Smith said. "I called 911."

Interesting on a couple of fronts:
1) We weren’t aware that our district’s limited police resources could be called upon to track down lost personal property. 
2) When Smith’s office called 911, they said the phone had been stolen.  Let's go to the audio tape! 

Regarding our story, Smith told DNAInfo, "I'm not going to comment on what people write in blogs.”

Notice she didn’t deny the accuracy of our report. She just refused to comment on it.

We suppose that's par for the course from an alderman who likes to claim that there are more police than the public sees and "we have had increased patrols…Sometimes you don't always see it."
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