Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alderman: Lose Your Phone? Call 911!

Smith | DNAInfo
When we contacted Alderman Michele Smith for comment on our story this week about a police tactical team tracking down her stolen phone, she did not respond.

But she did talk to DNAInfo Chicago after our story ran.

Smith told DNAInfo that her phone was “lost.”

"I did just what I tell my constituents to do," Smith said. "I called 911."

Interesting on a couple of fronts:
1) We weren’t aware that our district’s limited police resources could be called upon to track down lost personal property. 
2) When Smith’s office called 911, they said the phone had been stolen.  Let's go to the audio tape! 

Regarding our story, Smith told DNAInfo, "I'm not going to comment on what people write in blogs.”

Notice she didn’t deny the accuracy of our report. She just refused to comment on it.

We suppose that's par for the course from an alderman who likes to claim that there are more police than the public sees and "we have had increased patrols…Sometimes you don't always see it."
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  1. Wow, she's a piece of work right up there on par with Tunney and Cappleman. Coincidental to the time I'm posting this, there's an episode of The Three Stooges on TVLand right now!

  2. So Michelle, I have a question -
    Is lying / obfuscating / dickering with the truth part of the problem...or part of the solution?
    Remember, this is Chicago.

  3. Sounds like Alderman Smith could stand to read about the French Revolution. I'm sure the local library branch has some things at her reading level.

  4. Ha! Lady,this "blog" is the truth. You're just mad because you've been exposed. Keep doing your thaaang CWB.

  5. Until we get just as many feet marching on the ground to protest crime oppression of boys town as those marching to parades nothing will change.

  6. Well, isn't she special!

  7. Smith: you're a freaking alderman. Yet you're so full of yourself. Here's the deal. You're not better than your constituents. You're not smarter. You're a public servant and the operative word is SERVANT.

  8. A 12yo girl on Dover St in Uptown couldn't get a timely response from our short-staffed CPD and died at the hands of a madman. But Alderman Smith got her phone back. Chicago values suck.

  9. I wonder if you get shady and slippery before or after you decide on politics as a job ? Maybe they are born that way .

  10. She didn't loose it.... The Russians stole it!

  11. Why doesn't someone run against her? She only won her last two elections by about 20 votes!

  12. Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaa!!!! OMG, this is perfect. Folks, I'm going to save this for showing any of my out of town friends what Chicago politicians are like!

    These are the people Chicago votes in for leadership! You've heard of GIGO, garbage in garbage out? Chicago politicians are like this but more accurately GIGI. Garbage in, garbage in - they never get out!

    Thank you CWB, this is spot on. This and SCC have to be my favorite "blogs"!

  13. She should call 911 and tell the dispatcher she's lost her mind!

  14. A phone call in the not too distant future....

    OEMC - "911 what's you're emergency?"

    Smith - "Uh....I lost the election. Can you please help me?"

    OEMC - "Sorry, your special privileges are gone now. B-bye."