Thursday, May 04, 2017

Woman Chased And Robbed In North Center After Tuesday Night Euchre League: "So much for moving to a safer neighborhood"

A woman who moved to North Center one year ago to get away from Boystown’s street crime was chased and robbed as she walked home from a euchre tournament Tuesday night.

Skinned knees and a swollen ankle will be reminding Sarah of her post-euchre mugging for a while. | Sarah Jane 
“So much for moving to a safer neighborhood,” Sarah Jane said in an email yesterday.

She called the police to the 2000 block of West Cuyler around 11:20 p.m., minutes after two men in hoodies ripped her purse away. At least one of the offenders wore a ski mask.

“I saw two nefarious characters and got scared when one looked at me and came running directly at me,” she said. “I ran back to Lincoln, fell in the street, and he grabbed my bag saying ‘Gimme it! Gimme it!’ until he got it away from me.”

“I was left crying and scared with 2 badly skinned knees.  This was on my MF block. This city is a cancer.  I am going to look for a job transfer.”
Jane ran from the muggers, but she twisted her left ankle and fell in the street. | Sarah Jane
“My 20-something neighbors from the apartment on the corner came down and were supportive and helpful. I am taking the day off and laying in bed crying for a while longer, then going to look for my bag.”

She described the offenders as two men of unknown race, possibly in their 20’s. One wore a black hoodie, and one wore a white hoodie. They were last seen running southbound in the Lincoln Avenue alley.

As for Sarah Jane, she says she’s “angry and scared, and a bit banged up…but I knew that keeping this to myself was not the right thing to do. Knowledge is power.”
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  1. I am so sorry for what happened to you, Sarah Jane, but as a fellow female North Center resident that only lives a couple blocks from where this happened, I am grateful you told your story. I wouldn't have thought twice about walking alone where you were at Damen and Cuyler--now I will. I stopped going to the gym at 5am because I am afraid of getting attacked (I don't own a car).

    With Pawar, Rahm and the rest of our do nothing politicians turning a blind eye to the increase in crime and being more interested in giving more rights to the criminals, it was only matter of time that this shit came to our formerly safe area (and is now becoming widespread throughout the city). Pawar doesn't care--he's too busy running his governor campaign and besides, all he will do is send out a copy of a community alert. He's completely worthless.

    After 30+ years in Chicago, I have had enough and I am moving out to the suburbs August 1, 2018 (circumstances won't allow me to leave sooner). I have come to hate this city. We are slowly morphing into the new Detroit and Baltimore.

    1. I stopped wearing purses that go across my shoulder when I shop. I have a fanny pack and that holds a lot. I also have messenger bags that cut across my chest. Everybody should have at least one Travelon bag, they're sold for "travelers". Look it up on Google.

  2. No point in moving to a "safer neighborhood"
    As long as Rahm is mayor, all of Chicago is dangerous.
    Same goes for Cook County and Preckwinkle.

    1. It's not Rahm, it's the judges who let the criminals walk on a light bond or no bond and send them home with a monitor. Everybody should read the Chgotrib:

  3. Very sad. More cops are a small part of the problem. The real question is why do criminals travel ten miles to grab a bag in certain neighborhoods?. My guess is some neighborhoods are ready and willing to fight back,others are passive. Arm your legally.

    1. Thieves go where the money is easiest. If there's no money in the neighborhood, there's no point.

    2. And if there are no consequences (or minimal in their very skewed view) than why not loot, steal and be violent?

      Count me among the people who came to Chicago with a positive and open mind, and one who will leave with a disgust and hatred that I didn't believe I was capable of.

      My deepest condolences to the victim. My heart hurts for you, and I wish you the best with your upcoming move.

  4. I moved to DuPage county a few months ago from the north side and haven't regretted it for a second.

  5. Or maybe I should have said, "Keep voting Democrat if you want things to get worse."