Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Verizon Store Robber Gets 8 Years (Plus Other Court Updates)

Here are a few court updates for stories you may have read about on CWBChicago:

Bell | Illinois Dept Of Corrections
• Harry Bell has received an eight-year sentence after pleading guilty to robbing an Uptown Verizon store at gunpoint last August.

Cops followed pings from one of the store’s stolen cell phones to find Bell minutes later.

Bell, a 59-year-old man who has spent most of this millennium in prison (or preparing to go to prison), is scheduled to be paroled in August 2020.

He has been sentenced to prison 12 times since 1985: twice for burglary, eight times for shoplifting, and one time for another armed robbery.

Maney | Illinois Dept of Corrections
• A Rockford man who tried to take the Brazilian Bowl restaurant’s delivery car in Boystown last August has proven himself to be a particularly bad decision maker.

Tyler Maney, 24, received a two-year sentence for the attempted auto theft and a two-year bonus sentence for escaping from electronic monitoring while awaiting trial.

Maney tried to take off with the restaurant’s car when its driver stepped into the restaurant at Belmont and Broadway to pick up a round of deliveries, prosecutors said.

He fled when the deliveryman jumped into the passenger seat, but the restaurant worker gave chase and eventually tackled Maney near Buckingham and Broadway.

This is Maney’s first trip to prison. He’s scheduled to be paroled in September 2018.

Parker | Illinois Dept of Corrections
• It’ll be a five-year sentence for Darryl Parker, a 36-year-old serial burglar who was charged with waving a gun on Clark Street in Wrigleyville last September.

Police chased Parker through neighborhood streets before capturing him in the 3400 block of North Seminary. An officer said Parker threw an object during the chase that was later determined to be a loaded .380 Ruger handgun, according to prosecutors.

Parker received the five-year term after pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is scheduled to be paroled in March 2019.

Coleman | Chicago Police Dept
A man accused of having a stolen handgun, several magazines, and nearly 100 rounds of ammunition during a routine traffic stop near Clark and Elm in February has reached a plea deal.

Tarik Coleman, 23, received a sentence of 18-months of court supervision and he must surrender his state Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

You may remember that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to pursue felony charges against Coleman, citing “insufficient evidence” that he knew that the firearm was stolen.

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  1. All of these sentences represent a complete failure of our justice system to protect us. None of these criminals will be deterred from committing future crimes due to the sentences and they all will be able to threaten society again in a very short time thanks to the leniency.

  2. See you in two years, Harry.

    See you in six months, Tyler.

    See you in a year, Darryl.

    See you Saturday night, Tarik.

  3. Sounds like guy with stolen pistol got a miscarriage of justice. A otherwise lawabiding citizen caught with what he didnt know was a stolen gun and loses his 2a rights for life. Bullshit.

  4. This has been a terrible day....upon reading of these lenient sentences and the fact that the Republicans are going to vote to approve a health care bill that we all know will no longer cover pre-existing conditions ....these are crimes against humanity .... I had to throw this in.... shame on you politicians

  5. I am quickly learning the perks on living in Chiraq are falling away. Unless your job requires you to be here, or you have family nearby, why would you live here? Taxes, crime, weather, traffic?

    1. The weather and the people were at the top of the list a decade ago....until the crime topped them both.