Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Man Robs Second Bank In 4 Days — And The Surveillance Image Sucks Again

A blurry object that resembles a male human is seen robbing Lakeview banks on Saturday (left) and Tuesday. | FBI
Maybe we should call him the Blurry Byline Bandit.

A guy who robbed one Lakeview bank on Saturday struck again Tuesday morning in North Center and the similarities between the two hold-ups are remarkable:
• Both happened in the 9 a.m. hour
• The offender wore Chicago-themed sweatshirts and hats both times
• Both robberies involved Byline Bank branches
• The bank’s surveillance images are of incredibly poor quality.
Around 9:10 a.m. yesterday, the robber walked across the bank parking lot at 3401 North Western, stepped inside the branch, and handed the teller a demand note.

After receiving about $2,500 cash, he walked out, cut back across the parking lot, and headed back east on Roscoe Street.

Cops say the robber’s notes, which have been written on blue 3-by-5 index cards, specifically instructs tellers not to include a dye pack with his cash.

The Byline Bank at Western and Roscoe | Google
The offender is a thin white man with tattoos on his neck and hands who stands about 6’1” tall.

Yesterday, he wore a White Sox baseball hat and a gray sweatshirt with a Chicago flag design on the front.

His Saturday outfit featured a Blackhawks baseball hat with a gray sweatshirt imprinted with the word “CHICAGO.”

The FBI is offering a reward for information that leads to the man’s arrest. The bureau’s Chicago office may be reached at 312-421-6700.

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  1. Does the FBI or FDIC have the authority to tell the Branch manager to get another fucking camera ?

    1. They have replaced the cameras at the Belmont and Southport bank. I saw them installing them yesterday.

  2. Is it really this easy to rob a bank? I guess now I know which banks have shitty cameras. $2500 covers a lot of rent for me....

    1. it sounds easy, but thats risking major federal prison time for $2,500 bucks.

  3. It's like one of those news or Google photos deliberately blurring out identity for privacy purposes.

    Maybe this is an inside job.

  4. This guy was walking down the street yesterday. I'm certain.
    Had on some clothes. And shoes.
    Had a haircut, and fingers.

  5. Neck tattoos?????? On a criminal?
    Please say THAT's not true.
    What a horrible shock.

  6. Part of the new CPD 'No Chase' policy should be as follows:
    For all financial institutions: Where your security photographs are of such quality that it is impossible to distinguish between the person who robbed your branch and a tadpole in a sweatshirt, CPD & FBI officers will attempt to respond on the same day. Upon arrival, officers will open one rear door of one squad car. That door will remain open for up to five minutes such that the perpetrator may run in to the car and voluntarily confess to robbing your facility. Failing that, the case will be declared 'Unsolveable'.

  7. Why aren't the bank tellers behind bullet-proof glass? Every liquor store in Englewood has them.

    1. Because you can rob a bank by passing a note, you don't need a weapon. No one was shot here.

  8. Wow, just wow.
    Banks are making it look easy.
    Seems more like a low hassle part-time job...maybe something you could retire on as Rahmlandia burns. A stepping stone to an alderman career like Tunney.

  9. The pix may be blurry, but one thing is clear. This man loves his city. And why not? So many banks, so little security.

  10. You'd think a bank could afford a couple HD cams.

    1. The bank was almost seized by the FDIC in 2013.

      They seem to have a death wish. I think Chicago is overbanked anyway. Nobody missed all 140 WaMu branches when Chase took them over and shut most down.

  11. He's representing all of the Chicago teams.. be on the lookout for a guy in a Bears hat and some sort of Chicago shirt!