Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lincoln Park Gas Station Burglar Was Carrying 68 Packs Of Smokes, Cops Say

Melvin Smith (inset) stole dozens of packs of cigarettes from this Lincoln Park gas station, prosecutors say.
A Lincoln Park man who broke into a gas station and stole dozens of packs of cigarettes this month is charged with felony burglary, prosecutors say.

A witness reported seeing a man break into the gas station at 2670 North Lincoln around 12:30 a.m. on March 14. Arriving officers found a smashed window, a brick, blood on some shelving and “multiple empty cigarette shelves,” according to their report.

Cops stopped 57-year-old Melvin Smith nearby because he matched the witness’ description of the offender. Smith was holding a backpack, and his hand was bleeding, officers said.

The bag contained 68 packs of smokes, including Marlboros, Pall Malls, Capri Violets, and L&M Menthols, police said.

A judge set Smith’s bail at $75,000.

The May 14 break-in was the second time that Lincoln Park Gas had been burglarized in three weeks. A smash 'n' grab burglar took smokes from them on April 28, too.
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  1. That 90 cent difference between regular and premium is also a crime! WTF- it used to be 20 cents!

  2. I remember a south side alderman once saying - PLEASE don't continue to raise the taxes on cigarettes any higher as they are becoming like contraband. They are becoming more valuable than drugs and people are willing to steal or even kill for them at this point of price.

  3. Felony charge! Holy crap.
    That's either
    - a miracle
    - a misprint
    - or a damn well connected gas station owner

  4. Wonder if this "Lincoln Park resident" lives in the senior housing just down the street from this gas station?