Monday, May 08, 2017

Gunman Caught On Video, Shell Casings Found After Shots Fired In Lakeview

No, neighbors. You aren't going crazy. You really were awakened by gunfire this morning.

Several people who live near Melrose and Ashland were awakened early Monday morning by the sound of gunfire in their alley.

Police responded, but no signs of trouble were found.

Yet daylight—and the review of home surveillance footage—revealed that people were not imagining things.
Spent casings recovered this morning behind the 1500 blocks of Melrose and School in Lakeview | Anonymous
One neighbor today found two large-caliber shell casings lying in the alley.

And, tonight, surveillance video shared with CWBChicago shows the apparent gunman.

In footage reviewed by our team, a male figure is seen walking eastbound in the alley between the 1500 blocks of Melrose and School.

Moments later, with view of the man obstructed by a building, six shots ring out.

Muzzle flashes are seen reflecting off of a nearby garage.

The sound of feet shifting on loose gravel is heard and the man returns to view, running westbound at full speed.

Who or what he was aiming at is not clear from the video, which we are hoping to get permission to post.

Not Alone

Our Lakeview neighbors weren’t the only ones to be awakened by gunfire this weekend.

Around 3:15 a.m. on Sunday, folks who live near the 2900 block of North Damen lit up 911 switchboards with reports of gunfire.

Once again, police responded and found nothing.

And, once again, neighbors found plenty of evidence when daylight arrived.
One of the casings recovered on George Street on Sunday morning.
Around 9:20 a.m., a resident called police back to the area after he found shell casings and a Nissan Murano with freshly-installed bullet holes in the 2000 block of West George.
Bullet hole in the rear bumper of a Nissan Murano on George Street early Sunday
No one is in custody for either incident and no one is known to have been shot.
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  1. Are you really shocked? There are pockets of gangs both a few blocks east (Sheffield) and west (Damen) of here, and huge swaths just to the north in Uptown. Gun violence is not restricted to Englewood and Austin, as you may want to believe. Weren't there at least six shootings in Lakeview last summer?

    1. Where did you get any of this information, because all of it just sounds made up.

    2. I wish it was made up. Google "Chicago Gang Map." WBEZ has a pretty good one. Type in any address and find out the names of your friendly gang neighbors. The Tribune and other reputable media sources do a pretty good job of cataloging shootings in the city. Scroll through this blog if you'd like to read the narratives of some of the Lakeview shootings over the past year.

    3. Maybe you ought to read this blog more often, and then you would know.

    4. There are no gangs east towards Sheffield but definitely towards Damen. Roscoe Village is gang infested and most people don't realize it. It's been that way for years.

    5. OP's info is not made up. There are north side gangs. I forget the name but one of them graffitied my window on Southport near Roscoe with their gang name and there were several shootings in the area in the last year. One in an alley off of Belmont and Racine by a gas station, another by the Belmont CTA station just to name a few.

  2. I'm surprised that police will come to your location to look at spent casings hours after the shooter left.

    1. They didn't. When you call 911 and report gunfire, police will come. They found nothing, but when daylight came - residents found the shells of the bullets.

  3. I used to always find shell casing around my car near Waveland courts. I also found my license plate half way unscrewed and car broken into on different occasions.

  4. Incident last night right where shooting happend. Resident walked by vehicle where occupants had 3 large gallon sized bags of weed in plain sight. He asked them to leave & male Hispanic passenger jumps out telling the guy he was gonna fuck him up. Passenger just so happens to live at 1528 W. Melrose. He went back inside with female who also lives at address when hired security showed up. COD also came to scene. House to keep an eye on.

  5. Indeed. I worked Gangs in the CPD for years and saw splinter groups leave the Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples and Imperial Gangsters in Uptown and Rogers Park to go out to form their own small crews in Wrigleyville, Bucktown and Lincoln Park. And I'm talking 2006-2007. Once they found out selling drugs was too much work they turned to armed robbery and carjacking. You can almost make as much selling stolen iPhones and catalytic converters in this city and it's way more fun than running around selling dope!