Thursday, May 18, 2017

VIDEO: On-going Mayhem Has Boystown Businesses Closing Early And Bars Calling For Help

In late 2015, Crain’s Chicago Business politics writer Greg Hinz wrote a column under the headline, “What's happening in Lakeview is a crime.”
Tired of suffering from vandalism, fights and the party! Party! PARTY! mentality that has taken hold of the streets, the only cafe on Halsted Street that stayed open 24 hours a day on weekends put up a sign saying that from now on, it's lights out at 10 p.m.
In what's supposed to be one of Chicago's most desirable, prosperous neighborhoods, this is a canary-in-the-coalmine moment.
Essentially, a street that used to be a meeting ground for horny gay boys has morphed into a second Rush Street, with bad actors doing bad things.
A man on the ground is stomped during a fight last Sunday in Boystown. | Anonymous
18-months after Hinz’s column, the cafe that he wrote about—Nookies Tree at 3334 North Halsted—no longer closes at 10 p.m. It now closes at 3 p.m. Every day.

And there are indications that Nookies may be closing permanently, though its owners did not reply to an inquiry about their plans.

Things have not been improving along Halsted Street.
A man is dragged into the middle of Halsted Street and beaten early Sunday | Anonymous
Last week, we reported on the re-emergence of nighttime street fights along Halsted. The brawls are no longer limited to weekend nights. You’re just as likely to find yourself amongst one on Tuesday and Wednesdays now.

A Boystown visitor captured this fight video on Sunday night. Right outside of Nookies.

In the background, Northalsted's private security patrol can be heard calling for help before one of its officers steps into the fray.

Lately, some Boystown bars have been making after-hours 911 calls, asking police to clear loitering crowds away from the businesses so workers may leave safely.

Just look at the police action on Halsted Street from early yesterday:

12:25AM — Officer requests more cars to handle a street fight at Newport and Halsted.

12:28AM — Sergeant orders cars to remain on Halsted between Addison and Belmont until the end of their shift.

1:24AM — Staff from a bar located near Halsted and Roscoe asks cops to clear the Halsted Street sidewalk “so their team can leave safely”

1:35AM — Ten men and a woman refusing to leave 7-Eleven at Roscoe and Halsted. One man dressed as a woman is running in and out of the store, stealing liquor.

3:00AM — Man is beaten and robbed at Halsted and Roscoe by two men dressed as women. Minutes later, cops catch up with both offenders on Belmont Avenue. Charges are pending.

3:10AM — Residents report large groups fighting on the street in the 800 block of West Buckingham.

3:19AM — Woman says that she’s been attacked by a man at the Belmont Red Line station.

That’s quite a scene for a Wednesday. Stand by for summer, everybody.

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  1. Dear everyone
    I am very very very concerned about this.
    And yes, I'm still alive and still an alderman.
    Thank you for your support.
    Jimmy Mr Social Work C-man.

    1. You're an idiot. You can't be a SJW and at the same time expect not to be limited or have your rights infringed due to the same jags you defend

  2. Friends -
    The solution here is for all of us to engage in 'Creative Tai Chi' on the street. Preferably between 1 and 3 AM. Then no one will be able to tell who's really fighting.
    Problem solved. (Again)
    And yes, you're welcome.
    Tommy T ...You're favorite.

    1. Them you will be blamed, they take ne responsibility for anything.

  3. The sound of crickets chirping is all that one will ever hear issuing forth from His High Holiness O Great One Tunney's office. He's too busy doing photo-ops with senior citizens and school children, and wiping the sticky bun residue off his tables at his 'restaurant." Seriously, I am sick of this shit. It's so bad along Halsted now, usually in the 12midnight to 3am period, one cannot even go walk the dog or take the night air. I *never* see police officers (or the hired Northalsted "security") on the street, EVER, but I see throngs of trannies and thugs. clustering at these key "hotspots," regularly: (1) the intersection of Halsted and Cornelia, usually on the Peet's corner (WHY?); (2) Halsted and Newport (WHY?) - plus this area could use better lighting; (3) Halsted and Buckingham, and in the Sherwin-Williams parking lot, just hanging out, yelling at passersby ... passersby who are tourists as well as taxpaying constituent residents of the neighborhood; and (4) oddly enough, as I've never seen this before this spring, the section of Cornelia from Halsted east to the first alley way seems to be a hanging out point for many of the thugs, or more correctly, thuggettes. To get yelled at and sexually harassed by people who DO NOT LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS STREET, when I go out to get some air or walk my puppy, at midnight, is beyond comprehension to me. And NOBODY in any position of power is doing a damned thing about it. Wait. What's that? Oh, just more crickets chirping over on Sheffield near Tunney's office. HEY TUNNEY, I DOUBLE TRIPLE QUADRUPLE CHALLENGE YOU TO RESPOND TO THIS POST. I might be asking you about it at the next CAPS meeting, and don't tell me to shut up or that I'm just one person. You WILL be challenged strongly and publicly, and you WILL be opposed in the next election. Wait and see!

    1. Yeah, I'd walk my dog out on Halsted at midnight.

    2. I don't get it either. If I went to another neighborhood - and stood in the parking lot of a paint store screaming at 3am - I would expect the police to show up in 5 minutes. Lakeview? Nope.

    3. Great, and truthful post

  4. I spent many late late evenings at Nookies - sitting at the table with my friends. All of us chain smoking and eating our pancakes before walking home from the bars.

  5. And the warmer weather has barely even started yet.

  6. It's time to close all Bars at 12am for safety for everyone. Who the fuck needs to be out till 4am drinking anyways ?

  7. This is a result of SJW politics.

  8. Tunney is a problem. No doubt about it, but the bigger issue is that the city doesn't have the money to hire more police. A lot more police. Rahm and Daley have spent well over $100 million on bike lanes. Think about how many more police we could have on the streets with that money. Think about that. Think about how people rode bikes on the streets before paint was put down. Why the need to spend almost $200 million on them when all is said and done? Think about the fact that we get no income back from these things. Rarely are tickets ever written for riders who constantly break the law. No income from even registering their bikes.

    How about the millions spent on planters down many streets where some have gone from 2 lanes down to 1 lane in order to make room for the planters? Where is the prioritization of our real needs?

    How about the slap on the wrist "punishment" for the criminals out there who have no fear of paying a price for their actions? This is all INSANE and yet Tunney, Rahm and the rest continue to make us pay the price for the inaction and inability to run our city. Enough is enough.

  9. I think Tommy T's agenda is to stop gentrification in Lakeview by making it unsafe. He thinks that this will keep the families away and take it back to the good old days. Little does he realize it is scaring away the exact people he wants to attract.

    1. My theory is he wants the Ricketts and Wrigleyfield to privately refinance Boystown real estate. He doesn't give a shit who or what is left as long as he gets construction and political patronage kickbacks.

      Back east, if you heard of off Long Island, Fire Island's 2 gay communities Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines. There as always been a nude beach between them as well as a "meatrack" play area in the woods behind the dunes. In the last 2 years, right-winged conservatives have bought a lot of real estate. Now the village police are cracking down on all the nudity and playing. They have made it a right-winged police state.

      Follow the money.

  10. Here's one for the record, thugs and people loitering onto Roscoe st late at night drinking and littering .. And oh wait there's more ! They're Selling drugs and ruining private property. This area us absolutely out of hand after 11pm!!

    The police could give a shit about us residents who pay an astronomical amount of money to be here and it's extremely sad .. I've had a few neighbors put up thier condos for sale and moved for this very reason. It's also absolutely ridiculous when the bars let out and these people loiter into the alleyways, some who are fighting, fucking or doing more drugs and drinking! Thanks alderman Tunney! I also have my condo for sale. This neighborhood is not what it used to be.. I don't feel safe with my family at night around here anymore. These past few years have been horrible with the crime in this area.

    1. This has nothing to do with the police and has everything to do with politics. When everyone realizes that then we can make some form of progress. In any other civilized part of the country, having these brawls and disturbances at these hours would result in the alderman proactively looking for a swift measure to calm the mayhem. Along with businesses being held responsible for over serving these individuals who very obviously do not live in said community. The community does a great job of bounding together, but obviously more should he done. Bombarding the caps meeting is a step in the right direction. Although the community has Prob already tried. Stay safe, and get your CCL.

  11. Fuckface Tunney's FB page is boasting about the new Target, but never a word about all the closed down or limited hours businesses and storefronts, or the drug deals on a street corner and a Subway restaurant within spitting distance of his office.

    1. Look at it from Tunney's point of view. Target is a big corporation with deep pockets. These little storefronts on the street are mom and pop... they don't have the cash to donate to Tunney's campaign the way Target does. And so small businesses get screwed... who cares! Everyone loves Target! Yay, Target! Yay!

  12. I am a law abiding legal adult citizen high tax paying building owner and its my right to go out to a bar or the 7/11 when every I want day or night. I also usually end up working 3rd shifts so I end up riding the trains at night and it' my right. Since when is it your right to determine when legal adults should or should not be allowed out to drink when ever they want. Next thing I will be seeing posted that I have no business out after 12:00 am. Why are posts being censored and then posts like allowed, this is offensive to me and other adult legal citizens allowed to be posted. Telling adults to be off the streets at 12:00 adds nothing positive to the original story at all. The safety of the citizens and the guests to the neighborhood would be better served if the "kids" (criminals) were removed Off the streets

    1. I agree 100% with what you just posted. If you are under 18 or drinking age why are you on the street hanging out? They need to be removed from the streets. I remember with Boystown was a safe and fun place to meet friends. Since the Center on Halsted was opened it has done nothing but bring the criminals to our back doors.

  13. A few years ago, I suggested we all dump on Ann Sathers Belmont restaurant in Trip Advisors. Some people followed through

    Given the upcoming tourist season and probable demise of the far superior Nookies Tree due to crime issues and employee safety, perhaps it's time to do so again with Yelp and Trip Advisors given the ever worsening crime situation and the extreme narcissistic personality disorder of AlderFuckface Tunney's business.

    1. i am all for this-losing nookies would be a crime! stupid dna info never wrote a word about their change in hours---if there was ever time for one of their "alerts" that would have been one. i can't afford to eat there like i used to but i was looking forward to a breakfast there soon---guess i better hurry---i am all for picketing tommy2tone anytime!

  14. Damn shame; a good childhood friend's family owns the Nookies chain. I remember going there after the bars when they kept late hours. It's terrible they've been rendered a breakfast/brunch/lunch establishment due to an element in the neighborhood that doesn't belong.

  15. Oh, pshaw. Tunneys is a lie, threw and threw!

  16. Retired Policeman here...
    We saw this brewing some 20 years
    ago when we dropped anchor at the
    old 19th District for a coffee break
    from the ghetto nonsense.

    We were amazed at what came boiling
    through the turnstyles at the Red Line
    and Belmont.

    We and others who formerly worked in
    ghetto districts proposed a solution, but
    we were chased away by the Captain
    who wanted nothing to do with "those
    wild ghetto coppers" trying to give the
    business owners and residents of your
    area a hand.

    You in Wrigleyville/Boystown/Lakeview
    are actively being hunted. Rahm stole
    your paid-for share of Police resources
    and sent them to other parts of the city
    to serve as armed baby-sitters for his
    voter base.

    Are you pissed yet?

    1. I keep wishing a law and order candidate like a Rudy Giuliani will emerge in Chicago. The machine won't let it happen.