Monday, May 01, 2017

Armed Carjacking Near Wrigley During Cubs' Monday Night Home Game; 1 In Custody, 2 On The Loose

The carjacker crashed at Cambridge and Briar, then fled on foot | CWBChicago
UPDATE May 5, 4:26 a.m.— Police yesterday stated in a charging announcement that the offender is 15-years-old, not 16. Our original report follows.
A man was carjacked at gunpoint near Wrigley Field on Monday night while the Cubs were playing the Philadelphia Phillies inside the Friendly Confines.

One offender sped off with the victim's car, crashed on a Lakeview side street, then engaged cops in a foot chase that ended with him being caught at gunpoint outside of the Briar Street Theater.  Two other offenders are being sought.

Police at the scene of the crash said that a 16-year-old juvenile is in custody.
An officer searches the stolen car for the offender's handgun | CWBChicago
The 56-year-old victim told cops that he was in traffic near Clark and Sheffield when another car pulled in front of him and two teenage boys got out, one of them brandishing a handgun.

The armed teen forced the man from his car around 10:15 p.m. and the second teen searched the victim for valuables before the gunman got into the driver's seat and sped off. The second offender returned to the robbers' car, which also jetted east on the 800 block of West Newport.

After speeding south on Boystown’s Halsted Strip, cops caught sight of the offender as he raced east on Belmont toward Lake Shore Drive, according to witnesses and police.

When officers tried to pull the car over, the driver turned south on the rain-slicked 3100 block of North Cambridge Avenue and lost control of the vehicle at the end of the narrow one-block-long street.
The carjacker crashed into two parked cars and fled the scene. | CWBChicago
The car crashed into two parked and unoccupied vehicles, its airbags deployed, and the offender jumped out and ran with a solo cop following on foot.

The teen was taken into custody at gunpoint minutes later outside of the Briar Street Theater, longtime home of the Blue Man Group.

Nearly an hour after the crash, officers could still be seen searching several Lakeview blocks for the offender’s firearm.

After midnight, a police evidence technician was seen removing the victim's cellphone from his wrecked car's floorboard. The phone, which was taken from him by the robbers, had been left behind.

Police are still looking for the two offenders who got away in the crew's original vehicle.

Second Carjacking By Teens In 25 Hours

Monday's victim was the second man to lose his car to armed carjackers in the Wrigleyville and Boystown area since Sunday evening.

Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, a man told police that three teens took his car after threatening him with a black revolver in the 500 block of West Cornelia. The offenders got away.

He described the offenders as three young black men:
  • The first suspect wore a black hoodie and had a short buzz cut. He stands about 5’8” tall.
  • The second suspect wore a dark top with red writing. He is a little taller than the first man.
  • No further information was available about the third suspect.
Last Friday, a man foiled three teenagers' attempt to steal his idling car in the 3500 block of North Clark, a half-block from Wrigley Field. That incident was one of seven similar auto thefts and carjackings within 12 hours on the North and Near West Sides, according to a police bulletin.

The alert described those offenders as black males who were last seen wearing all dark clothing or a  black and gray hooded sweatshirt.

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  1. I guess Lakeview is GTA 5 now in addition all the other rampant crime?

  2. On Saturday I saw car between 10:30-11 PM racing down Melrose from Lakeshore Drive at a high rate of speed .
    Spoke with my neighbor today he said he went to the mailbox at around 11 PM last night on Sunday and saw a car racing again down Melrose from Lakeshore drive at least 60 miles an hour . Be on the lookout neighbors !

  3. Crime is down!

  4. This is really scary. I'm surprised anyone is able to drive a car at a high rate of speed on Lakeview. the roads are deplorable, Broadway is almost undrivable at this point. At the intersection of Melrose and Lakeshore, you literally drive over craters and mini-mountains to get through the intersection.

    1. I like how they skim 6 inches off those streets for resurfacing and leave those iron manhole covers sticking up so you can get a bulge in ANOTHER $300 tire. Obviously that was a big problem because they started putting those silly little temporary rubber rings around them but they just blow away. That city is a fucking mess in 1,001 ways.

    2. I guess when you're carjacking someone at gunpoint the criminal is really worried about a pothole or if the street has been resurfaced but in three days we've had two carjackings in Lakeview within blocks of one another.
      Some people are just brilliant

  5. A tough on crime mayoral candidate needs to emerge to kick Rahm's ass.
    This candidate (perhaps a retired cop) could recruit crime victims (such as the owner of this car jacked vehicle) to endorse them in television and print ads.

    1. agreed. seems that a lot of the problem lives at the county and state level, where criminals such as this one are let go without any real accountability. i know the cook county state's attorney isn't likely to change her position. anyway at CWB or on this board know how to chip away at this in the 2018 election, or through some other tactic?

    2. Former Congressman Joe Walsh could give Rahm a run for his money.
      I'd love to see him beat up Rahm.

    3. "tough on crime is a racist dog whistle" - A Large % of Lakeview Residents

    4. Everything is a "code word" or "veiled language" or "dog whistle" to a certain percentage. You can't write a cake recipe without them seeing secret messages in the ingredients list. LIfe goes on.

  6. Can't wait for the conclusion to this one. Here is a snippet:

    "He was just about to turn his life around. He was going to church..."

  7. Ever notice how these types of things just never seem to happen on the far northwest side of Chicago, where every other house is a policemen or fireman with guns in the house?

    Lesson learned. Concealed Carry will help solve this problem.

    1. Hmm. The facts would seem to disagree.

  8. 16 years old. Sheesh!
    We need to lower the juvenile age to 14.

    1. A 16 year old boy pulling a middle aged man out of his car at gunpoint. When I was 16 years old I would have been in big trouble at home for simply not referring to someone as 'sir'. The breakdown of society has been painful and quick to watch.

  9. Again ... glad that no innocent victims, bystanders or police were hurt.

    The most frustrating of all ... these are teens. Adults barely get sentenced in Chicago for their crimes.

  10. they just need after school programs and a summer job and all will be rainbows and sun shine, yea right, too many children (16) and under are let down here to loiter till the commit a violent crime. The parents should be made to pay for the car/s damage. Unless you make the kids and the parents accountable for their awful dangerous criminal behavior this will never stop. Rahm is an idiot after school programs and minimum wage summer jobs what BS

    1. Parents ARE held liable for their brat if you sue them, but I'm guessing Dumas is a typical banger from an impoverished single parent family. Even if you won the case, they'll just say "I'm poor, can't pay it."

      The kids who pull this shit don't want some lame minimum-wage summer job when gangbanging gives them money, respect, and even adventure.

  11. What is that a 2005 530 6 cylinder? They really go for the good stuff.

  12. Time to film the next season of "Bait Car" in Lakeview...

  13. Dear Neighbors -
    We, your alderfolk, are sensitive to your neighborhood safety needs. And we are working tirelessly to approach crime in an innovative way.
    So in addition to our award winning 'Constructive Loitering' program, we are pleased to announce our 'Constructive Jaywalking' and 'Constructive Double-Parking' programs.
    Although we considered a 'Constructive Car Prohibition' program (because if nobody has cars...well then there won't be any cars to 'jack), the bar owners threatened to cut off our campaign cash. So, for your good we're going to drop that one.
    Our creative new programs will work like this:
    We're encouraging everyone to double-park wherever possible. And to Jaywalk too. Creatively!!! You know, Jaywalk like you've watched too many Monty Python reruns or like you're off on your second bender of the week. Park anywhere in the middle of the street. At any 'ol angle too!
    Then...and get this, it's the really good part... these zany carjackers just won't be able to get through the streets. It will slow them down. And we'll be able to enroll them in justice mediation programs at the Center on Halsted -- proven techniques.
    Problem solved. Again. (Yes...'You're Welcome'.)
    Stay tuned too, because soon we'll announce a brand new 'Free duct tape and super glue' program. Then people can creatively secure their window air conditioners. A loose AC unit is a magnet for displaced youth!
    Smiles all around. And three cheers for Rahm too.
    Your pals, TommyT, Jimmy-Mr Social Work-Cappleman (yes, I am still alive and still an alderman) and Michelle DN Smith.

  14. They are juveniles - Kim Foxx and Toni Preckwinkle have been very clear that they will not prosecute juveniles. That's the new new.

  15. This is the best. Nothing bad will happen to this kid for his crimes. He will be in juvy for two years and then be released at 18. He will then probably grace our pages them. See you in 2019 bro!

  16. Yeah, I was carjacked by these same idiots in December at Belmont and Broadway and the cops did nothing about it. I guess because my car was running( battery just jumped 20 mins before this and tow truck guy told me to keep it running) Same way with a gun.

  17. The programs work for honest kids not thugs. Lock the thugs up no more time off for "good behavior".

  18. Glad to know u guys have the answers...smarter than the rest. Hard to diagnose the problem from the far side of the tracks though. But I do agree holding parents accountable are a must. But once that happens its likely to uncover a multitude of issues, that the city, government,and onlookers like yourselves will turn a blind eye to. Like poverty, low performing schools who send kids on to the next grade just so the teachers can keep a job.