Sunday, April 30, 2017

Top Cop's Car Burglarized — And He Blames The Car!

We haven’t seen an eye-roller like this in a long, long time.

Johnson | Chicago Police Dept
Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s take-home police car was broken into this weekend as it sat outside of his Bridgeport residence.

From the Sun-Times:
“Johnson’s security detail dropped him off at his home Friday evening and parked the SUV they use to shuttle the superintendent around town in front of his house before getting into their personal vehicles and heading home, [police spokesman] Anthony Guglielmi said.
When security detail officers arrived at Johnson’s home about 9 a.m. Saturday morning they noticed the contents of the vehicle were in disarray. 
OK. Sit down for this skyscraper:
Officers had locked the car the night before but apparently one of the doors, for some reason, didn’t lock, [Guglielmi] said. 
“We don’t know if one of the doors malfunctioned or something was blocking it,” Guglielmi said. “We don’t believe whoever did this knew it was a police vehicle.”
Can you believe that?

The same people who blame high burglary rates on residents who leave their windows open to catch a summer breeze want us to believe that the superintendent’s staff did lock his car, but…but…it malfunctioned or something.

Do you think for one second that any cop on the street would buy that excuse from you?

It makes you wonder if they are inspecting all of the department's Tahoe door locks to ensure that the malfunction does not occur again. Just think of all of the equipment and information that could be compromised by doors that inexplicably unlock themselves....or something.

By the way, being the superintendent’s personal driver is a cushy gig that routinely leads to “merit promotions.” 

That means the driver gets promoted without having to pass a written exam and then wait their turn like run-of-the-mill cops.

So, it stands to reason that the CPD executive office would be willing to shrug this one off to a malfunctioning door. They couldn’t possibly hold the protected driver responsible for simply leaving the darned thing unlocked, right?

News of the break-in to Johnson's unmarked car was first uncovered by Spot News on Twitter.
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