Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SOURCE: Serial Bank Robber In Custody After Tip From "Concerned Citizen"

UPDATE: The suspect was set free after investigators determined that he is not the bank robber. Unfortunately for the look-alike, cops say he was carrying drug paraphernalia when they stopped him. So, he has that to deal with.
The man wanted for robbing three North Side TCF Banks in three weeks is now in custody, according to a law enforcement source who spoke with CWBChicago under the condition of anonymity.

A "concerned citizen" called 911 just before midnight last night to report seeing a man who looked like the bank robber walking near the BP station at Irving Park Road and Broadway.

Cops followed up and stopped the suspect moments later in the 3900 block of North Broadway, the source said.

Police have suspected that the bank robber lives in the Wrigleyville area since he held-up the TCF Bank inside of Boystown’s Jewel-Osco store at 3531 North Broadway last Friday afternoon.

The suspect fled from the store and jumped into a taxi cab, witnesses said. Cops caught up with the taxi cab moments later—but not before the robber got out near Fremont and Grace, the source said. That intersection is less than two blocks from where the suspect was arrested early today.

According to the FBI, the robber has held up three TCF banks located within Jewel-Osco stores since March 24.

In addition to the Boystown job, he is suspected of robbing a branch at 2940 North Ashland on March 30 and at 4355 North Sheridan on March 24.

We are withholding the man’s name because charges have not yet been approved.

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  1. Aww, I was rooting for him. He didn't shoot anyone, and the banks are insured, why turn him in.

  2. So the FBI confirmed that is the offender?

  3. I was wondering, if the guy never threatened, never had or implied he had a weapon, and only asked a teller to hand over some money, why is that a crime? Did the teller try saying no?

    1. Asking for the money is an implied threat of physical or other force. It may not be armed robbery, but it's still robbery.


  4. ....and this little soap opera plays out just how many blocks from our little mayor's abode???
    Oh wait. That's right. He's got full time cops at his house.
    Never mind.

  5. If he was smart he would take the cash and buy physical gold bullion then bury it somewhere. By the time he's out of jail, the gold would be worth 10x what he paid. He would be very wealthy. Lol

  6. Looks like Brett Favre took up a different trade post-retirement...

  7. Did the cab driver get a big tip? I wonder if he even got paid