Tuesday, April 25, 2017

North Side Bank Robber Look-Alike Walks Free

Michael Weimer (right) was stopped after a "concerned citizen" thought he looked like a wanted bank robber (left)
UPDATE MAY 1, 2017: Weimer has now been charged with bank robbery — but not before he managed to rob yet another bank, the FBI says. Story here. Our original story follows.
It's good news, bad news for Michael Weimer.

The good news is that the FBI told Chicago police to "only pursue local charges" after cops stopped him on a tip that Weimer looks like the guy who's been robbing North Side TCF Bank branches lately.

The bad news is a lot of people think he looks like the bank robber and, well, he was allegedly carrying narcotics and drug paraphernalia when cops stopped him last week on a tip that he was the wanted man.

A "concerned citizen" reported seeing a man who looks like the bank robber walking near Irving Park and Broadway late last Monday.

Cops stopped Weimer nearby for questioning and recovered the contraband during a search, police said. Weimer is charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

But, after that matter was tidied up, Weimer was released to resume his life.

He may want to consider a makeover because he looks a lot like a wanted man.
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  1. Real classy, posting this poor guy's name & photo, even though he's not in any way involved with the original bank robberies. Thanks only to bad luck, his nonviolent drug "crime", and your insensitive reporting, his reputation will be forever tarnished in the eyes of anyone who happens to google his name.

    1. Apparently, you have not tested your theory by actually Googling him.

    2. I agree with the original poster. If you Google the person's name followed by the word "Chicago," which would likely be a step by any competent job recruiter, this very article is the second result. This is an irresponsible post. It's one thing to post a mugshot of a felon but this seems to be taking it a bit too far.

    3. Welp. If you do a background check on him, which is what a responsible employer would do, you'll find a lot more. Public records are public records.

    4. Love this site, but it is wrong to post his name and picture and associate him with a "crime." If you think that is ok, why do you not then post all drug arrests with names and pictures? What kind of drugs did he have? Do you even know? Was it something that might be legal if you lived in another state? This is irresponsible reporting at best and you are definitely opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

    5. I agree with the original poster. Bad judgement CWB! I hope you're not outsourcing and bringing in DNA info floozies now.

    6. The first result I got on Google was his prison record: http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Illinois/Cook-County-IL/Michael-R-Weimer.295345.html

      It went downhill from there.

  2. I'd be curious what information cleared this man. I'm just curious because the average bank robber is also probably someone who walks around with a pipe and their "controlled substance" with them at all times. To me, the striking facial similarities and the fact he always walks around with his drug of choice still makes me quite suspicious.

  3. Don't do drugs. Don't carry drugs. Don't buy drugs. That's some advice from your Lakeview neighbor.

  4. So the legal theory here would be that this guy would sue the blog for saying that he did ~not~ commit a crime? Interesting. Baseless and foolish, but interesting. I would argue that he should thank the editors, whose story may reduce the number of times he is stopped on the street for questioning.

  5. This is him and he did it how they let him go i don't know

  6. That guy did do it