Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nine Years For Robbing, Beating Cabbie With Bike Lock

Meadows | Illinois Dept of Corrections
A Near North Side man has been sentenced to prison for his role in an armed robbery that left a taxi driver beaten with a bike lock in Lincoln Park.

Steven Meadows, 29, was sentenced to nine years for armed robbery and five years for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The sentences will be served concurrently, and Meadows is scheduled to be paroled after he serves 50% of his sentence in March 2021.

Detectives used the taxi cab’s surveillance video to identify Meadows as the man who repeatedly struck the cabbie in the head with a bike lock while an accomplice held a gun to the victim’s head in the 2100 block of North Lincoln on August 21, 2016, according to court documents.

Court records show that the alleged accomplice was never charged.

3 Years For Burglarizing Neighbor

Bieler | Illinois Dept of Corrections
A Lincoln Park man received a 3-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to burglarizing his neighbor’s apartment last year.

Brian Biler, 38, broke into his neighbor’s apartment in the 800 block of West Lill on September 7 and admitted to the crime during an interview with detectives three weeks later, according to court records.

His parole date has not been established.


  1. The cinder block backdrop is all the rage for all the glamour shots on CWB.

  2. Seems like a long sentence compared to the scumbags who hold people up at gunpoint.

  3. Hey Meadows, you morally bankrupt piece of crap ..... you beat / robbed a cabbie. Likely a defenseless guy. More so because your pal held a gun to him.
    I hope you get pounded in prison. Pounded.
    Every time it happens I hope you realize you deserve it.
    And maybe some sweaty whale will even do you a favor - bite that stupid ass tattoo off your damn neck.