Thursday, April 06, 2017

Man Sentenced To Probation For December Robberies Is Arrested Again—For October Robbery

Soon after we published a story Sunday about Jwan Farley receiving probation and a 7 p.m. curfew for robbing two Lakeview women last December, we got a tip.

Farley | Chicago Police Dept
Farley is back in jail, facing another robbery charge, we were told.

And indeed he is.

Two weeks after being released to face his cakewalk probation sentence, Farley was arrested by a Chicago police fugitive apprehension unit as he arrived for a routine follow-up appearance at a South Side courthouse.

It turns out that Farley was wanted for allegedly robbing a Lakeview man at gunpoint on October 27—five weeks before he robbed the two women, according to prosecutors.

CWB Chicago reported on the robbery, which occurred about a block from the Briar Street Theater, last fall:
7:40 p.m. — A man is robbed at gunpoint in the 800 block of West Fletcher by a gunman who demands his wallet and phone. The offender flees in an older model black Grand Am with a temporary tire on the driver’s side rear. He is described as black, in his 20’s, and 5’10” tall. Police later recover the victim's phone, which was ditched in the 1100 block of West Diversey.
The gunman, prosecutors say, was Jwan Farley.

He’s being held (again) in lieu of $250,000 bail.

By the way, several readers asked us to name the judge who allowed Farley to walk with probation. It was Cook County Judge Catherine Haberkorn. We will make an effort to include judges' names in future sentencing stories.


  1. Aw, look at little Jwan's sad little puss in his (newest) mugshot. LOL!!!!

  2. Start posting the judge's name who gives the BS sentences to these career criminals

    1. Thank you for the reminder. The judge who granted probation was Cook County Judge Catherine Haberkorn. We'll update the story with that info now.

    2. Thank you, CWB! You're my heroes!
      Hopefully by the next round of elections we can have a good list of judges to oust. It is past time. Would it be possible to write to them? Or how might we be most effective in letting our displeasure be known?

    3. Yes, Thank you CWB!

      Sadly, judge retention in elections is like 99.99%. Even the judge who was declared legally insane after she assaulted sheriff's deputies won re-election:

  3. The Judge should be on probation for giving this POS probation. One more free walk and the Judge should get time.

  4. It appears it may be time for the citizens to take matters into their own hands. You have faces. You have names.

  5. Maybe a slight increase in his curfew is in order.

  6. Since it happened before the other offenses, I will not be surprised if she gives him probation again.

  7. Thanks for updating us with the judges name CWB. Looks like she is up for re-election in 2018. Doing a google search, it seems she is anti-police and likes to give criminals the benefit of the doubt with light sentences or throwing the case out entirely. She must go!

  8. Maybe the Night Ministry could start parking it's bus in front of Judge Haberkorn's house.

  9. Thanks for posting the judge! Did anyone else notice that she is in Skokie? No wonder she hands out light sentences, she doesn't have to live in the city and face the impact of her decisions. >

    Also, would be great if somehow we could start protesting outside these Judge's courtrooms. I work all day so I can't do it, but I'd donate money to support people who did.

  10. Is it possible also to provide an email address with which to contact either the judge in question directly, or at least a contact/comment address for the Cook County courts?

  11. I finally moved out of chicago a week ago and I'm so glad I did.